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Grow your spirituality Not your reality.

Recently While having a conversation with a dear friend I was reminded of what we see, feel, hear and believe to be true, it's very influential. What we experience is thought of as the only truth, so influential is this point of view that this influence disconnects us from the abundance the blessings of our angelic or Divine Spirit.  The conversation was of a family member whose life took a turn for what can be seen as “for the worse” After suffering a heart attack and stroke, coma and now unable to speak just yes and no their housing situation is being threatened. If it could not get any worse. I told my friend “this is when a person has to surrender to his or her faith” My friend said not everything is religious! This is the real world! What a funny concept the "real world" or “reality” I Told my friend, you see many people go to church, pray and if you ask them if they are god believers most will say I believe in God or I believe in divine spirit etc.  But when a problem arises God, Spirit and religion are all put aside and the person begins to try (Try?) to face the problem with their reality format thinking.  Which only leads to unsolved questions and the feeling of abandonment from God-Divine Spirit. 

What I have come to understand is, this is the moment you surrender to the divine, this is the moment you allow faith to carry you, not when our lives are going well, or sitting on the church bench, it’s easy to praise and believe in God when life is great and going our way but try that same thinking when life goes sour.


Our daily lives present this illusion we call Living as solid, as Real, as unchangeable but is this true?  Not for me and hopefully not for you after reading this. I will try to help you understand the un-understandable.

I know' I know nothing for sure except that the Unknown, The All in All The Divine spirit is ever present.  I know that this very moment is It’ is all we have. I know that there is more to life than the mere illusion of reality.

There is a force that can not be known but to know the it-her-him-Divine spirit is to open your eyes and notice All that it is, all at this very moment, is The All in All. We have asked is there a God? a being of divine benevolence? Is It True? You ask.
Well, how can we look at this mother earth and deny, that the sun doesn't drop out of orbit, the human body engineered to perfection as an organic atomic machine that will never be created in a laboratory, it self-heals, it adapts to change, to think and imagine, to expand? How can we not except that there is more to life than reality?  Being a spiritualist as many others I have used tools to get as close as possible to the Divine, images of saints, Christ on the cross, reading the bible and many more. The question at hand is how can I say I am spiritual or believe in God, or don’t believe if I Am allowing reality to keep my sight on what is a present problem “Real”-”Reality”

Spiritual is in one part to know with eyes closed that the Divine is working for me through me, through everything I say, think and do, is my reality.
The ultimate power we possess is our experience, not our faith. The most powerful force a human being can cultivate is an experience. All these tools I mentioned are all tools to grow this inner force of faith and experience in the Divine. But how can we? when life is shitting on me at this very moment?

Henry Ford said it Best.  “Obstacles are those things you see when you take your eyes off the Goal”

How can a person stay focused on the Divine when, I just had a heart attack, am being let go from work, I lost my spouse to a disease, we're in foreclosure, I just lost my mother, My house burned down?

I did not say it was easily done. All we have is to offer to the divine spirit is our total "Surrender" I did say we all use tools! Now! Are these tools helping or making me just lose more faith since life is not going my way or in the direction I planned?
Now is when you renounce Reality! not your experience in knowing God. Now is when you focus all your mental strength, your mental capacities on your “ I know because I experience it, I Live it” Jesus said “If thy had faith the size of a mustard seed, you would move mountains”

Everything that is occurring at this moment in your life is nor good nor bad it is a lesson you have to endure and experience. How hard does it have to be? Easy Keep your eyes on the prize “Your stillness in Divine spirit ”Is your Power" It shall pass as all things in this Reality have to obey the laws of Time.” All things shall Pass, All things shall Pass” From life to life. From childhood to elderly, from day to night, from night to day, all things shall pass! It is "UNIVERSAL LAW"

Would it be easier if you had your “Divine Spirit” holding your hand? The answer is No!  You have to do this on your own terms with your own skill with your own strength, the battle is in your inner self your ego, so! is your strength, your Power all neatly packed in the Self, accessible by the higher self. This is part of the lesson to learn.

Grow your spirituality, not your reality! When was the last time you spent listening to your soul, really listening, to the Divine spirit? Not praying but listening. Prayer is the act of asking, listening is waiting for the listener to give you the message you need. Listening for the courage, for the direction where to go. A part of spirituality is knowing patience when to be still when to take action.  The problem and the answer arise at the same time. Are you listening to the solutions or are you looking at reality, are you hearing the voice in your head which is just making you more disconnected from the Truth, the Divine!

Since the lesson is all part of the plan of the All in All. (This is how the divine moves through the waters of our reality) every Problem brings to us a resolution that is needed. Instead of condemning the problem, Bless it!, Give gratitude for it, through the problem or the lesson you call a problem, you grow, you expand to a higher self. Life is about perspective It is all how you really see whats in front of you.

When you can not find the solution to your problems or situations that’s when you see the situation as "Problems"  You don’t have the capabilities to solve them, If you had to add 2+7= your mind goes oh that's easy 9, now try (1080 divide by E=Mc2) You start to worry because you don’t have the knowledge to solve this. So let's ask Google-God :-) The Divine spirit is always assisting us yet we can not hear the answer because we are too caught up on Reality.  I encourage you reader to take time to listen to the harmony of your soul. Listen carefully your reality depends on this message.

Disciple your mind to look at the divine spirit when there are troubled waters, don’t take your eye off the divine and attempt to solve a problem that you don’t have the skills and training for, allow the Divine to manifest in your life. Then tell me how all those troubles sorted themselves out, how the answers came to you.  I hope this helps you along the way. The All in All manifests from the unseen the Unknown. 

Grow your Spirituality” Not your Reality

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