The Vibration of Love Attraction Magic

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The Vibration of Love Attraction Magic

Butterflies don’t hang around Caterpillars.

In my contemplation of Relationships and talking with nature. I uncovered a beautiful mystery.  If everything in the universe is “inclusion” this means we have to accept the polarity of all things, love is no different.  To be Realistic.  If we desire to attract a good wealthy being we too must vibrate at this same resonance, why because the law of Attraction is always at play or in function.  

Let's observe this vibration. why would a wealthy smart man want to downgrade to a lesser being, with the exception of a man that can see the true self of another person or soul for its authenticity?  In our modern reality, this is quite rare. “When in Rome do as the Romans do”  If a relationship is a give and take, an exchange of one thing for another then why is it we expect more for what we offer> we have to add value to our relationships.  If you felt your partner was taking more than giving would you really allow this for long, unless he or she provides something of the greatest value? One thing to be mindful is to understand our desires for what they really are.  Butterflies don't mingle with Caterpillars.  The secret is to Transform to a better higher being of the utmost beauty. Always remembering that this illusion will only last for just so long but the quality of the true self is beyond the appearance of the physical form.

Water seeks itself, it soaks the earth but its true nature is to unite with itself.  It’s important to understand and accept your class, whichever that is, and if you wish to go outside your echelon, you must become that you wish to be a part of.  

Nature is a wonderful teacher here is another observation. Birds of a feather flock together.  Each species although in the vicinity of its and other of its kingdom has to be identified by its interest.  In our garden we attract different species of butterflies, we achieve this by providing what they want and need, (Need outweighs a desire or want) a source food is a vital need, this is a lesson because if I want butterflies I have not only provided pretty things like (flowers) in the garden.  I have to provide one or more of its needs, I have to have the correct environments to shelter them, food for sustenance, If I expect butterflies and did the opposite by concreting all the environment, no shelter from the wind or where they can lay eggs is foolish on my part to expect butterflies.

 You must become a vibrational match, 

We have to be in resonance with that which we seek.  Let's break it down, you are not going to find a financial wealthy individual in a poor neighborhood or maybe so? you have to display your colors at the correct location. At the right time. You have to have more than looks, or even money. Birds look for a perfect suitor, the bird or butterfly has to have strong genes, and this is displayed through color, ability to out sing its rival etc it's a fundamental principle of nature, so simple yet so elusive. Hidden in plain sight.  

Magic to alter this is a mere illusion with vibrational properties.  Most people seek a magic spell to manifest a positive suitor but this only works for a short time.  People have come to me, or the magus in hopes of finding the love of their life. They offer Ebbo, money etc all for a mere second in time.  The suitor loses interest If you are bankrupted educationally, energetically. financially and spiritually in the deepest needs of oneself, our personal interest always come first, if there is no true exchange of benefits the suitor loses interest.  You have to have Self-love to circle the square. Have desirable traits.

My advice is to know thyself. Know your desire for what they really are.  Then ask yourself do I have these desirable traits in me that are attractive or luring? What can I contribute to the mutual relationship, that I seek?  Hay Life is much more than looks or financial.

The polarity to this law is there are parasites or pretenders to work around.  There are those creatures that look the part but are only interested in the benefits of other species. They take advantage and exploit the conditions all because the parasite uses your or others species needs to fool, to deceive, once they get there interests met. You are left with an infection, you are then the host for its selfish needs now ask this am I a parasite? Attempting to just get my needs met? Or am I a true self. Even a parasite will have to find its own kind to fulfill it’s true nature, “all to procreate”. A bee has many similarities to a wasp but will never procreate with a wasp. The wasp will steal the bees hard work or efforts ( honey) The wasp will lay eggs in the hive so it’s offspring are cared for under the protection of the bee colony.

Back to the magic before embarking on this if you are truly interested in the correct relationship that will work for both interests  know for sure what is it you want and need. Once you have identified these you can see where you need to go. You have now the ability of direction. Then add the magic to assist you in connecting vibrationally to what you seek.  This is the true magic. Or at least attempt to acquire these abilities this way the suitor can see them blossoming you in.  The ability to expand, even if you are short on the full expression of higher values, your suitors can see they can be of benefit to you and help you grow in the same destination they are heading “Fulfillment”  it's your part to do the work. You can not expect to input the least amount of effort and gain the greatest output. So Grow, expand your true self. The greater or more attributes you have and can display the higher the chances you align to your desire with your needs met, less chance of a parasite or unless this is what you really want, do you really know what you want>  Butterflies don’t hang around caterpillars, Birds of a feather flock together, Tell me whom you hang around and I will tell you who you really are!

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