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Mercury will begin retrograde/The Proximity Effect. on 8/23/23 at 4:25 pm Eastern time.
Till 9/25/23.The same day the Sun enters Virgo at 5:01:39 AM
In our modern understanding of what a retrograde is we now know that it's an illusion from the perspective of Earth. Many in the scientific world use this subject as a debunking tool, of this amazing art we call Astrology. I propose the term be changed to "Proximity Effect" Why?
We know that an illusion cannot produce anything but its own mirage. I Contemplating this concept and what is really occurring is the planet is in close proximity to Earth with the same side facing Gaia.
So what we really experience is the proximity of the planet, not the illusion.

Now what can science say or try to? Science loses its stance of debunking Astrology. Why? because the phenomena has to do with the planet's electric magnetic or its ether effects this is how it should and needs to be explained, the "Proximity Effect"


MERCURY starts its proximity effect on August 23rd at 4:25 PM and ends on September 15th at 4:21 PM.
Mercury' is Exalted in his domicile of Virgo. Here Mercury is at home sweet home.
Virgo signifies the fine details, the Sun enters Virgo on 8/23/23 bringing vitality, bringing a spotlight on subjects of Virgo the mind, commerce, and our health
in mundane astrology Virgo is the sixth placement of these topics including bad fortune, because of its decline from the setting angle, being an aversion to the rising ascendant angle or helm. Mercury's retrograde will occur with the decan (face) of Mercury under the bounds of Jupiter. The sixth placement is primarily associated with injuries sickness, suffering, and troubles, it is also associated with communism. its main focus is our health.
It will trine with Taurus Jupiter. Mercury will be in bad spirits because it is accompanied by Mars, whenever mercury is conjunct with one of the malefic it expresses its negative side. ( birds of a feather flock together) Mars is well known for being the cause of accidents and quick onsets of illnesses. also due to its trine with the planet Jupiter whose effects are about expansion adds a certain degree of needed caution. because anything Mercury does with its evil friend Mars will be multiplied by Jupiter, while the Sun draws our attention to be careful and aware of issues we might be needing to pay close attention to "Our health", and possible injuries. Mercury also will be in opposition with Neptune and the asteroid Nessus, in Greek mythology, the centaur Nessus, was driven by his uncontrollable desire and lust, which leads him to abuse and manipulate Nessus in astrology represents various themes, including endless desire, sexual abuse, revenge, the generational transfer of abuse, guilt, and power.

Enough of the pessimism and Debbie downing. Let us look for the bright side of this configuration and its delineation. The Sun in Virgo brings us to focus on our health and how we are treating our intestines and digestion topics of Virgo. The Sun will be vitalizing this earth sign, Virgo is associated with the solar plexus the chakra - Manipura Chakra This energy center governs our ability to be confident, assertive, and make decisions from a place of inner wisdom. This location mantra is (I am Will, I am Power) The Sun is drawing our attention to soak our intestines with life force, and vitality so the rest of the body can function to its maximum. by supplying the correct nutrients to our intestines we will be supporting our digestion. By consuming Calcium sulph taken with hot water its soothing effect will be almost instantly noticeable. it coats the intestinal surfaces and the irritation is allayed. another element to consume is potassium, foods to include are bananas, and corn. sheep's meat, Dried fruits (raisins, apricots)
Beans, lentils. Potatoes. Winter squash (acorn, butternut)Spinach, broccoli.
Beet greens. Avocado, cantaloupe, honeydew melon, orange juice.

The Latin word for virgin is Virgo, and the name Virgin Mary had its origin in this constellation which is truly the divine mother. The Hebrew term for virgin is bethulah; beth means house or place, and ulah means pure water. in the Latin language if we change the Y to an E we get Mare both terms signify the same meaning Purity Water. No one possesses health until the body is in a pure unadulterated state.

Summary: It is going to be an interesting month. Take the time to eat well, keep an eye on your digestion, and feed it well. use common sense to avoid anything unwanted, and take your time to read any documents. If you can hold off from purchases that deal with communication or exercise machines wait till after the Proximity effect is finished on 9/15/23
namaste and thank you for reading the ramblings of a magi.


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