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Thank you for shopping with Us #SantoProdducts

Shipping Monday through Thursday:

Thank you for your purchase and your trust in us to deliver your needs in a timely manner.  Your purchase order is shipped via USPS, UPS or FedEx.  The majority of orders are shipped using USPS 2-3 priority shipping, Sometimes due to the unforeseen circumstances, a package may be delayed. (Hurricanes, weather, or disasters).  When you place an order you receive an email notification regarding the transaction, tracking, or at times a refund. Please be advised to review your delivery address, confirming the correct destination the purchase will be delivered too. We do not create accounts for the customer, at your request we may be able to update or fix missing data.  It is your responsibility to contact us immediately if there is a needed change to your account.  

If your package is not in your possession within 5-7 days, you have two options using the tracking number provided in your email to view the shipping details. The second option is to contact us to begin an investigation.  We will review the same tracking number provided to you in your email.

If your purchase arrives Damaged #SantoProducts

We pride ourselves on providing the freshest products in a timely manner.  We do not store herbs or plants in storage refrigerators. All herbs are cut and collected the following day from the date of purchase. This ensures the freshest herbs, unaltered or influenced by external influences or vibrations. If your items arrive damaged in any way, it is your responsibility to immediately contact us using email.  It is your responsibility to photograph all items at the time of arrival.  If the items arrive damaged we will review your photos and reship you a brand new package of your requested items at no additional cost to you.   If you decide to cancel the order due to damaged arrivals and request a refund we will consider all of the information (shipping delays, the status of the herbs, your timely photo submissions and your diligence.)  We will begin a claim with the shipping company and refund you your funds within 10-15 days.

Canceling an order #SantoProdtucts

You are in your rights to cancel your purchase if you simply don’t want the items any longer.  A refund will be credited back to your form of payment. You are then responsible to send the items back to us at your expense. The refund will only be the items you purchased excluding the costs for shipping and packaging. This only applies if you decide to cancel the order just because you changed your mind. Any cancellations are to be requested within 30 days from receiving the item not purchase date.

Price Match #SantoProducts

We honor our plants and trees as sacred beings. Before you request a return due to finding it cheaper at another vendor, just email us with the lesser price from the vendors “price tag” and we will credit/refund you the difference. ( Online stores, Botanica) *excludes farmers markets.

I purchased the wrong Item #SantoProducts

Santo Products prefers you carefully choose the correct items but if you purchased and received the wrong item.  Simply contact us with the issue we can attempt to solve the problem.

Once again thank you for your contribution to our purpose, Thank you for your Purchase with Santo Products. Namaste Roman.

Return exclusions Hydrosols, Custom Orders, Essential Oils, Potions, Baths.

A exchange may apply.  Please contact us so we can determine a solution.


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