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Email: Roman@santoproducts.com

Mail address: 4875 Catalina Dr Naples Fl 34112

About Us:

We are a local herbal E-store.  Offering herbs not typically found at herbal shops.  We cultivate old world and latin american herbs.  many of these herbs can be consumed as tea or herbal remedy bath to uplift the spirit.  We cultivate our herbs as natural as is possible in these decades.  no herbicides no pesticides.

Our prime philosophy is Holistic, Expression of the divine spirit.  Share love and Love surrounds the sender.  We practice a path of spirituality of Freedom, Love, and Expansion.  The SOUL's purpose "evolution" through living EXPERIENCE.



The plants that make up this garden are allowed to grow and thrive at there will, choice to Be.  This allows the plants to share among themselves there unique vibrations each one supporting the other  as  One system, One Mind.

A flora orchestra singing and playing their  Harmonic song   We treat our plants as we treat people, or life force with kindness and respect. 

To sum us up' we are Tree huggers