About Us

 My name is Daniel, my Orisa name is Oshun-mi-esegun

In Honor of my Passion” I present to you      
The Lord of the Flora & fauna Osain.

 To understand what Osain is, requires the thought process of not only plants but the seasons, phases of the moon, and the constellations, these topics direct our inner mind to the phase of Time.


Santo Products offers elements of nature to support spiritual traditions of the spiritual realm. We cater to customs of the old days, where magic and medicine are one, may it be wiccan, Santeria, Palo Mayombe, Eggun worship or alchemy.  The basis of these beliefs all require the use of flora, Fauna and elements.    

We offer Medicinal plants and barks, earthly elements, and bird feathers to allow
followers of these beliefs to practice and create medicines and talismans. We offer references and legends based on the knowledge of yoruba, wiccan and what we call Eggun worship.

You will find useful tips and spells on “HOW TOO’s” The “HOW TOO’s” is a lost art in these days.  We want to revive these lost and guarded knowledge, not to be used for any other purpose than good.

Osain is a Yoruba deity of herbs and nature his mission is to tend the continuation of our forests and the animals that inhabit them.

  •  We are a local Company/Garden that enjoys every moment of interaction with nature. 

  • We sell these garden favorites due to the lack of accessibility and lore knowledge, proper use of these herbs.  I am a practitioner of the Yotuba religion, and have spent over twenty years researching the lore and the how to's of the medicine used in our culture.  I can say it has been a challenge to find many of the "why" answers. So I decided to create a garden that has and continues to expand, with herbs and trees of the Faith. These faiths including Eggun, Wicca, Yoruba.

  • Our Garden is located in Naples Florida.

  • I and my (vice President) Mark, decided to recently create this online store to allow us to share the benefits that we posse in our beautiful garden. 

  • Our team consist of four individuals Myself  Daniel Roman President, Mark Velazquez,Vice President, Milagros Velazquez, Alex Laoe ( Investors)

  • Your purchase helps to maintain Oshun's aviary,

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 Mailing Address:

4875 Catalina Drive Naples FL  34112