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Rompe Saraguey also known as "Jack in the Bush Herb" is one of my many favorite plants. It's anti-inflammatory and wound healing properties are undeniable.  Here you can see some of our favorite images of this amazing herb that we grow in our gardens Pesticide Free. It is sold here at or

All our our plants are treated without Pesticides. Our Rompe Saraguey are feed homemade compost and certain salts. We do this process to ensure consumable herbs for ourselves and you the buyer. I know where my tea is grown! Do you Know where how yours is Grown?

Rompe Saraguey también conocido como "Jack in the Bush Herb" es una de mis muchas plantas favoritas. Sus propiedades antiinflamatorias y cicatrizantes son innegables. Aquí puedes ver algunas de nuestras imágenes favoritas de esta increíble hierba que cultivamos en nuestros jardines sin pesticidas. Se vende aquí en

Todas nuestras plantas son tratadas sin Pesticidas. Nuestra Rompe Saraguey se alimentan de compost casero y ciertas sales. Hacemos este proceso para asegurar las hierbas consumibles para nosotros mismos y usted el comprador. ¡Sé dónde mi té es crecido! ¿Sabes dónde está crecido el tuyo? or




Jack in the bush Herb


Rompe Saraguey





Origins of Oshun April 19 2017

OSHUN Origins


Iʼm starting this blog to address many  questions regarding the Orisa Oshun, Over the last eighteen years I have researched this topic with little finding and lots of misguidance, My objective is to input the correct information that I have gathered through the years,

A lot of my teachings have come to me from Yoruba worship temples and now 

from Ifa training. I promise not to reveal in depth information, If you have questions 

please feel free to write, Under the rites of Ifa which contain the origins of the folklore 

from African tradition, states that oshun is the daughter of Olofin (The Law Giver) and 

Nana Buruku ( Cruel Mother-The Night Sky) Olofin only had two children one male 

Shango (The Divine one Olodumare's Hand of Justice) one female "Oshun. Born on a large clam shell arriving at the borders of the ocean and river.

It is Oshunʼs role entrusted by her father the art of communication from the religious 

priesthood's to him Olofin. the river is the dominion that suits her best, for it cites the 

birth and departure of life, one must cross the river of heaven to arrive on earth, it being Orisa or Human. ( I will speak more on this later ) oshun represents all that is femme, 

she is the owner of Honey and laughter, theses suit her well, for with her laughter she 

announces destruction or peril, with honey oshun is able to sweeten the most stern 

hearts or transform a bitter demeanor to a intoxicated lover.

The folklore goes to state that she had requested to be different from the rest of the 

other female orisa when she would descend from heaven (Olurun), oshun asked 

Yemaya to give her the secrets so she may be different in appearance when she arrived to Ife, she desired to have a thin waist and her skin tone to be the color of honey, in exchange for this secret, she gave some of her Hair to Yemaya, oshun keeping the rest 

using it to create the craft of Hair dressing which is still practice till today, The exchange 

of hair for beauty would be a small price to pay unknowing the true cost of being the 

most beautiful of the orisa.

Oshun was so divine in apearance that one night her father Olofin had to 

much palm wine, becoming intoxicated causing himself to rape his Child, in this 

coarse oshun learned not only the emotions of Love but of hate and revenge,

Those whom know of oshun know that she represents Love, Joy, Sexuality, Charity,, deep in 

her soul lies a bitter side,a stern dry demeanor, Hate, vengeance, bitterness are part of 

her inner personality. Oshun is the representation of The struggles of Life.

Oshun was designated by her father Olofin to be the chief priestess of the cult of the 

Ancestral Mothers the Cult of (IYA-LORDE) This commandment is stated in the Odu 

Oshe Tura, which is a cult still practice till this very day in Nigeria Africa, in the town of 

Osogbo. In the Odu Iroso Ka Orula certifies her the Apetebi and his wife despite her 



Oshun has influence the life's of all of the orisa in one way or another, in the Odu Ofun 

kana she saves Asowano (Babalu Aye) life, in Odu iroso ka, she saves the world from 

destruction, Orisa Oya from her enemies in the Odu Eyiogbe, in the Odu oshe Leso 

saves the love of Yemaya for Ogun. All of these endeavors have costed her the same 

price, her body and Flesh.

Oshunʼs favorite sati-factional Husband is Orisa Inle(Water hole by the Streams or 

rivers,sometimes in the Woods)  which they had one child Orisa Logun Ede (The 


I will write more on this orisa latter on, with Osha-Odduduwa (Spirit of the shadows or 

Darkness that brings Light) she gave birth to Orisa Oloshe with Osha-Orula(The 

Shadow that follower us,Witness of Creation) she had many daughters one in particular 

is Orisa Poroye, but the husband she had the most children was with Orisa



Obatala!(King of the white Clothe),thIs is why till this day, a majority of Obatalaʼs Priests have 

oshun as their second guardian, or mother as some say.

Oshun has many avatars or paths 29 in IFA/OSHA that can be crown a few more that 

are not, INCLUDING Logun Ede???  

Many may ask why do orisa have these avatars, 

its because our religion is based on reincarnations, IFA teaches us that all of the Odu, 

Orisa and Osha have returned at one point or another back to heaven. when they 

returned back to earth they would state a different name or there carnal parents would 

name them differently if you understand African culture, when a child is born he or she 

is taken to a Awo a Priest of Orula so that childʼs destiny is revealed and is named.


ask Why the reincarnations? just like human beings the orisa have faults, they failed in 

performing the needed ebbos(Offerings) in heaven before there departures so they 

could have success in there new form, these ebbos were recommendations from the 

Irumoles( 401 Divine spirits of heaven). 

I am a Priest or Iworo of Oshun( Ibu Yumu ) my father is Obatala, my Iruko(name)is 

“Oşun mi esegun” “Oshuns my Victory” pretty Cool name, oshun has 

given me everything in my life in one form or another, sometimes even 

the things I should not have, but how can one learn if not through our pains and sorrows, donʼt get me wrong it has not been all negative,

IFA teaches us that there is "No bad luck", it's that we didnʼt have the wisdom to obtain success.

If I ask oshun for a Million dollars and she grants me such a fortune, do I really have the knowledge on how to use the money. yet If I did ebbo and received the guidance on how too and what too spend the money on, would success not be by my side, would it not last my life time. One must always ask for (Itona) guidance first and our lives would run smother just like pouring honey. This is learn in Oshe Meji the arrival of riches on Earth, and in Ogunda Meji when the armaments,gems and mentals arrive on earth,from heaven.  

I would like to mention thy most important Orisa to receive if possible, is Ori, its the orisa of your soul/consciousness its the orisa that enters our head at birth, it takes an oath in Odu Ogbe Odi before olofins feet, its oath is to live a certain life right before entering our mind. If Ori follows the oath Life is successful, if it faults hmmm, attempt to amend it ASAP. Our guardian orisa serves Ori, not the other way around. our orisa is our Crown, Ori lies in our head. Ask me questions for my next Blog post.Emi bere Ibulaye fun Itona fifun mi Tito Oşun 

I ask permission for 

guidance give me direction oshun

Baba Awo Ifa Gbemi, other young Awo, Myself, Alex Awo Obara 

meji Lazaro Awo Obaradimeji my italero

Paths of Oshun:

Ibu Kole ( The Vulture) Colors are amber and coral born in Ogbe-tua this is a powerful 

Oshun, that guards the house, she is known to be Crafter of serious Magic, she is very 

common as a mother to her selected heads.

Ibu ololodi (the Warrior The Owl )wife of Orula this oshun likes every offering in double, 

uses great amounts of Metals like Iron, etc. Born in ogbe-roso mother of Orisa Poroye,

Ibu Akauro ( The Cornish hen, the meeting of the river and ocean)It is said that she is 

like the Cornish Hen Deaf when she wants to be, and has a false Smile, born in ojuani-

meji colors are Yellow white,green

Ibu Yumu ( The deaf serpent handler Thy most beautiful of all oshuns)Born in Ika meji

Ibu Aña (The one who hears the drums and goes directly to it) Born in Otrupon bekonwa 

The Arraraʼs call her ñawedito

Ibu Iñañi (the famous one of disputes)

Ibu Oddonki (the rising river fill with Mud) The Arraraʼs call her Takago

Ibu Oddoi (The Dry Cowie Shell) The Arraraʼs call her Fosupo

Ibu Oggale (Loves Keys) The Arraraʼs call her Oakere

Ibu Okuanda (The one thorn into the river Dead) The Arraraʼs call her Agokusi

Ibu Addesa (The assured Crown) The Arraraʼs call her Aboloto

Ibu Ayede (The one thats like a Queen) The Arraraʼs call her Yiaa

Ibu Okuase oddo (The one that emerged dead in the River) The Arraraʼs call her 


Ibu Bumi (The collector of river water)


Ibu ede ( The Shrimp/Prawn) This oshu lives in muddy water

Ibu Latie eleke Oni (The wrestler)

Ibu Itumu (The amazonian, Believe to be lesbian, dresses in white with male clothes, 

the Arraraʼs call her Jueyague

Ibu Tinibu ( lives with Orun The lord of the sky “Sun” is born in Irete-yero is a director of 

the Cult Iya-Lorde.The Arraraʼs call her Alegue

Ibu Aja Jura ( Lives in the lagoons and is a warrior).

Ibu Aremu Kondiano( The first to insert her feet into Ori “sheabutter” dresses in White 

her chain is Of coral and Pearls and Orula color beads some say she is a Water 

Obatala but she a oshun that dresses in white. The Arraraʼs call her Tefande

Ibu Ceni (The one that lives in small water holes near the river). The Arraraʼs call her 


Ibu Fondae (The one that died with Inle), Uses a sword and enjoys war.

Ibu Odoko ( This oshun is very strong and is born in Ogbe-Kana likes the company of 


Ibu Awayemi (This oshun is Blind likes to be in company with Azowano and Orula 

speaks in Oyekun Meji 

Ibu Eledan (This oshun is owner of the Nasal Oreophasis

Ibu Idere Lekun (This Oshun lives in the caves at Marine coastal and dances to the 

sound of the waves. is Born in Otura-Sa 

Ibu Añare (Daughter of ibu Aña this oshun lives on top of Money and sand, yet she 

doesn't like to give her children Money

Ibu agandara (This oshun lives seated on a Chair, and likes to be covered in water lilies 

so no one can see her seated.

All of these oshun have many more secrets to add to her tool sets, from certain 

Feathers, instruments, or elements. One of the tools in my set is a set of hair Combs,

In my ita I ask “why the Combs? Baba said, When your hair is tangled up you use a 

Comb to remove or straight your hair,oshun uses this to untangle you from your 

Problems and enemies. These tools are asked or relate to your oshun, There are many 

offering one can give Oshun there are some favorites of hers, or if in your heart you 

wish to give something, do it, no one refuses a gift right, just make sure its in good 

taste, oshun is Queen by birth right. Oshun is thy most important female Orisa in the 

yoruba system. I am not saying that Yemaya, Obba,Oya, etc are not, but Oshunʼs role 

in IFA/Osha are indisputable. All of Orisa,oshaʼs have there own Ashe 

Wind,fire,strength, but oshun knows how to tap these forces, using all of the I.O.Uʼs the 

other Orisa have with this majestic Queen.


On many of the names or paths of oshun are included a Odu, I will speak on my oshun 

Ibu Yumu is born in Ika Meji the word IKa in yoruba means cruelty meji means double or 

two, double crueltyʼ does this mean my path is cruel no! it means that there are many 

things in her life that were, its a odu of strife and great gains, this Odu makes the arrival 

of refined oil and fine string, these two object while in heaven were told to do Ebbo to 

have great success on earth, they followed the guidance and when a Awo on earth was 

in his darkest hour IFA told him” his ebbo required fine oil and string, and to light it with 

fire, Awo IKA meji did so and obtained what we have now as oil lamps to light our 

darkest Hour. 

Although my oshun is born in IKA meji My opening Odu is Ogbe she, which is the Odu 

of great power its the Odu Oshun herself nurtured, its folklore is of the African Grey 

parrot. Its a odu of dis-considerations of others towards you, the Lore goes

That the African grey is Olofins favorite Bird, and made him laugh with his dancing, the 

other Birds of the forest, hated him for this reason and plotted against the grey, so they 

gathered powders of coal, and palm oil.

Olofin decided to invite all of his creations to a feast, expecting the Grey to arrive on 

time to amuse him with his dance, The grey on his way to the feast was ambushed by 

the other birds and they poured the coal dust and painted his tail feather with the red 

palm oil, The grey had done Ebbo and didn't understand the cause yet, and was 

concerned how Olofin would receive him in such a condition, but remembered the 

advise of Ifa and went as is, olofin waiting became concern that the Grey didʼt arrive, but 

short after the grey arrives with his Dance and Olofin laughing and enjoying the dance, 

awaiting to approach the grey, the Grey offers his Moforibale to Baba and excuses for 

his delay, Olofin ask what has happen to you, the grey explains of his misfortune on his 

way to the feast, olofin becoming upset makes an Order address to all his creations, “ 

From this day Forth, Any and all Ebbo will contain the red tail feather of the Grey, When 

there is a Yoko Osha, i will not give my blessings if there is no greyʼs red feathers at the 

reunion TO BAN EhSU!

So when offering ebbo to which ever orisa there must always be a african grey red 

feather in the ebbo so Olofin may receive it, this said My oshun warnings are that I 

would live a life where people would not even open the door for my arrival because of 

jealous, yet they are the one to lose the most, it makes my life a bit difficult too, but if I 

do ebbo I will alway have success and favor of olofin himself. The oduʼs I speak of is a 

vessels of great amount of information, this which I have share is but a faction, back to 

My oluoso orisa (guardian)in the odu marks my orisa to have a crown of grey feathers, oil lamps, to light my dark hours, this odu also states when Ogbeshe is lanced we all shall eat well and one must look at the odu of ones orisa and her birth odu to be able to see what is her advise to you, her struggles are not yours we at times state oh My Oshun behaves like this or that, NO! those are hers to bear if you behave in that manner thats YOU! there are some behaviors that are witnessed in her children but those are also defined by one owns choice, or in up brings ethics etc.

So if oshun went to bed with Ogun to fool him into thinking it was Yemaya in bed, does this mean I would sleep with my brothers wife, or sister husband to save there marriage THIS BEHAVIOR IS NOT A POSITIVE THOUGHT, HOW CAN I EXPECT  IT WORK OUT FOR THE BEST?

LOGICAL THINKING: I could do is, do ebbo for my brother or sister and have Oshun solve the problem. lets use common sense Positive attracts Positive and Negative 

attracts Negative. 

One of my favorite Quotes from Oprah Winfrey is 

“When You Know Better, You Do Better” 

so do better in your life, focus on Positive Energy, Everything in Life is made of Positive 

and negative, in Negative States transform it to Positive.

Writen By Daniel Roman 
Iworo Ogbeshe Oshun mi esegun
Ile Tuntun
Temi Baba,, Aragba Awo Ifa Gbemi Odu ogbe Iwori: Jorge Castillo
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Stop Being the Victim! January 28 2017

 Tulsi Basil, Holy Basil, Ocimum sanctum,

Tulsi Basil Ocimum sanctum

Don’t lose another day with that influenza

Use this cold and flu remedy used in the far east for thousand of years with Marvelous Success.  


Simple Recipe:

Ingredients needed.

  • ½ oz Tulsi basil “Ocimum sanctum”
  • ¼ oz Ginger
  • 2 Cinnamon sticks
  • Chili pepper powder desired heat
  • Honey as the sweetener
  • or try to use any alternative sweetener you prefer like stevia, coconut sugar or agave just not the white stuff.

    In a small pot Boil about 2-3 Cups of water, boiling first the ginger and cinnamon sticks these two spices can begin releasing their benefits about 20 minutes in the process add the chili pepper, this part is tricky because some people are sensitive to the heat of spices as you anticipated the ginger will be adding its own level of heat.

    I recommend going slow adding chili pepper powder. Please don't skip this necessary ingredient because of its contributional effects that you will benefit from chile pepper.

    Once you have adjusted the taste of spice now go ahead and add the Tulsi leaves fresh or dried. Allow the tea to steap for about one minute. while still hot sweeten to your liking.  You may also notice you will be relaxed.  Tulsi basil has a calming effect on the mind and nervous system, this is why its so effective at helping the body heal from that stressful influenza.

    Tired of Losing a day's Pay! or restful sleep trying to comfort yourself or your family members. Take control of this simple problem by just drinking a replenishing and delicious tea made with Tulsi Basil

    Yes each ingredient in our recipe has its own healing benefits but Tulsi Basil is the power punch in the brew.

    Tulsi basil is a very special type of Basil with many medicinal properties. It’s healing abilities have been witnessed countless of times in the asiatic region. Tulsi basil is used in ayurvedic and chinese folk medicine. Tulsi basil continues to astound its users, never failing to marvel the user.

    Why this particular basil unlike cooking basils, the Tulsi leaves contains comparable amount of antioxidant as ascorbic acid, flavonoid and phenol as well as linolenic acid, polyunsaturated fatty acid which was very good for health. According to our results, most of the identified compounds were biologically important. Further the Ocimum sanctum leaf possesses Antimicrobial activity.

    The results of this study indicated the possibility of using the leave extract of Tulsi (Ocimum sanctum) as a source of antibacterial compounds for treatment of infections caused by multi-drug resistant bacterial pathogens.

    Tulsi basil is a key ingredient in remedies in treating ailments of discomfort.




    Tulsi Basil, Holy Basil, Ocimum sanctum,

    Road Opener Abre Camino November 28 2016


    Abre Camino


    Eupatorium: Queen of the Meadow  [Bonesets]


    The Plant known as Abre Camino, Thoroughwort or Bonesets [Eupatorium villosum]

    This is a highly regarded herb used in incantations for abundance and prosperity magic, allowing and encouraging these two principle energies to “Arrive” at open/receiving doors or paths.
    The conjurer can also use this herb to open the doors to the spirit realm to receive assistance from his or her spiritual guides.  This herb also has medicinal value and properties.
    Medicinal Uses:
    Colds,  constipation, Coughs,Cystitis, Fluid retention, Gout, headache, intermediate fever, Jaundice, Malaria, Muscle cramp, Nervousness, nighttime Urination, Pneumonia, sore throat, spasm, stuffy nose, Tumors, urinary stones, wounds. This is a citation to confirm its healing properties. ( )
    Action, Medical Uses, and Dosage.—Queen of the meadow has diuretic, subastringent, stimulant, tonic, and antilithic properties. It has a specific action upon the renal tract, increasing both the fluid and solid constituents of the urine. As its influence upon the stomach is good, it may be used for a great length of time without ill results. While a fairly good remedy in some forms of dyspepsia, and chronic mucous diseases of the gastro-intestinal tract, its chief value lies in its efficiency in many disorders of the urino-genital passages.




    Removing a person from ?
    You can use this incantation to remove a person from a court case, Jail,Tenant, Spouse Etc
    Using fresh herb matter, you place the herb in a glass with a wide opening, pour a small amount of water to soak the the herbs.  

    The herbs should be underneath the water line.  Then Pour a choice of oil, Almond,Coconut,Olive into the glass makingsure the herbs are still within the water line. Pour your choiceof oil, the oil line needs to be ⅓ of volume in the glass.


    abre camino [Road opener] oil lamp


    Now for the wick.  Many years ago I was shown a neat trick by a woman from the dominican Republic, how to make a lamp wick using an old wine bottle cork two toothpicks and a piece of cotton as the wick.  She told me back home we didn’t have access to purchase wicks, we had to create a substitute, I loved the idea since I could have a longer lasting wick and it is easily replaceable. You could also purchase a wick kit at your local religious


    Depending on your choice of spiritual guide you commune with, if using this with Orisa, or Eggun. I would suggest it be lit at specific hours of the day. 4AM,6AM,12PM,3PM,4PM,6PM



    The wick of your choice is placed on top of the oil, the wick will float on the oil.  The water at the bottom is required to maintain the glass from cracking and the liquid will become a Medicine Potion of sorts.
     As you light the lamp, your full concentration is required. You should turn off the phone,TV,radio etc. You should perform this with another person with the same interest, you can perform it alone.  
    You may pray or direct your intentions to your spiritual guide, citing that this lamp is an offering of Light to Open the path for (Your Intention)

    Once the lamp is lit it does not get turned off. Once the lamps oil has finished the remains of the glass are carefully transported to the location of interest, the Court house, Employement, Door of the tenant.  
    The remains are pour at the location site, not caring who is watching and say aloud. As the Light has extinguished to this wick, Your time has come to Pass! As the oil was consumed and burned, so was your Stay! “Now all that is left is’ Open doors, opens roads. All things shall Pass. So below, so above, so above so below. All things shall pass,All things shall pass,All things shall pass
    This process too has certain hours of the day. It would be the opposite of the start time. Example if you burn it at 4AM the opposite hour would be 10PM, if 6AM  it would be 12 Noon, This is done to rotate the starting point of your conjuring, because you are changing a given situation into a different outcome, this outcome desired is your doing.

    Abre Camino Ad


    Receiving an Orisa October 12 2016

    This was a question I was asked by a young man incorporating himself in the Afro Cuban religion of Santeria. He felt there was a language barrier between himself and his god parents.  This is not so uncommon in the religion, since the new generations are speaking the current language of  American english, very little translations have occurred of our traditions and customs are being lost, the saddest  part is out of fear of sharing or allowing others to have access to the information and the true meaning of the responsibility of caring for sacred space or object "Orisa".

    Recieving Orissa


    Many new priest of Orisa are losing out on many of the fundamentals of the practice. Ignorance is not a reliable excuse or belief.
    Receiving an Orissa, means differently to each individual.
    Some came for Power others for fame but the ones that came for healing are pillars of the power of the belief in Orisa. A select few were chosen to be high priest of the faith.


    ( "A note of thought" )

    How high up the latter can a priest of orissa go? can a priest go beyond the reality of Orissa? beyond Ifa? Beyond Eggun? What is Beyond that! Horizon?


    What is "receiving Orisa?                                                     






    For me from my experience, it's taking a responsibility for a "Magic Charm", that is

    concentration of an energy force(name the orissa), this same energy bestows its energy to its Worshipper. (What you put in' Must pour out") the invocation and procedures done to the "ota" done by the conjurer and participants, is a vibration of sound, feelings, stories of legends, its a transmission of times of long ago, of tradition, of hope, of a time of Chance and Po ssibilities, A journey that never ends!. It's a vibration that crosses time. That's it's true energy. But once again. What you put in will pour out. The stones are not the Orissa home, it's sacred space, it's vibration not trapped in stone but Attune with energy force of what said before,  This energy/tradition has shown the ability to cross waters, cross the event horizon.

    Look past the horizon and get in the moment, breath the air. And notice that life is going on, it's doing its thing out there,everywhere,up there,down there, over there.

    The flow of life.Continues


    Later in my years searching, My Orissa goes beyond limitations of  man's idea

    Check out this great article about Yemaya, link about [Yemaya]


    Abre Camino (Road Opener) July 08 2016


    Abre Camino funciona bien con otras hierbas en el proceso de ilusionismo espiritual.

    Su Energía principal es abrir Oportunidades, que ven fuera de la oculta o el bloqueado.


    Muchas veces la necesitan o quieren se bloquea de nuestro camino por el reino espiritual.

    Todas las plantas tienen una habilidad especial, en el reino espiritual esta hierba puede energizar nuestros tutores o puede actuar por sí solas o influir en un evento. Piense en esto hierbas como una bomba, cuando se aplica al cuerpo que cubre el cuerpo con una cierta propiedad mágica, (el poder de permitir un camino de abrir para el usuario) Se le da al usuario la clave de lo que se quiere o necesita. cuando se aplica a un objeto o utilizado en el hogar como un limpiador también se beneficia de esta propiedad mágica.

    #santoproducts, Abre Camino,#Abrecamino

    La desventaja de esta y muchas hierbas son los efectos a corto plazo, el mago puede necesitar reemplazar o refrescar los barrios y talismanes anual. Otro uso de esta hierba es utilizarlo en la apertura de las puertas de los espíritus ancestrales que vienen adelante. Al trabajar en su santuario, después de la limpieza de su círculo, la quema de una gran acerca de esta hierba se abrirá la puerta al otro lado. donde podemos conversar con nuestros espíritus ancestrales y parientes. pero no debe ser utilizado como un abridor de puerta de las nueve puertas del cielo, que es un proceso diferente.
    Abre camino.2 #santoproducts

    Para la economía de uno mismo.

    7 cuartos de baño. acompañado por la expiación emocional.

    Los tres primeros baños son baños de hierbas de olor fuerte (Saims malezas, Salvia, gallina de Guinea malezas, pachulí)

    Los tres elementos siguientes de la mejora de hierbas (SATINWOOD, púrpura de la verbena, la sensitiva, Alamo,)

    El último es de agua clara que se compone de agua bendita, agua de coco, lluvia water.adding azucenas, rosas blancas, claveles.


    Explicación de la expiación emocional:

    Una reconciliación emocional es una conexión verdadera y sincera con sus propias emociones, es todo acerca de la alineación con lo que sientes hacia un tema de dinero, o cualquier cosa que usted está deseando.

    Abrecamino.3 #Abrecamino

    Mi expiación personal sería algo así "

    Estoy feliz y disfrutar de esta maravillosa vida de todas las hermosas cosas que trae a mí, lo que realmente no requieren dinero, yo soy capaz de reír y me encanta todas las cosas con o sin dinero, algunos de los mejores momentos de mi vida han ocurrido a mí sin gastar un centavo. En cuanto a la belleza de una flor se mira en el pensamiento de Dios, mi felicidad depende de mí y sólo a mí, puedo observar sólo el mejor de la gente, por lo que veo en ellos es el que reside en mí soy feliz conmigo , estoy contento con lo que tengo, estoy contento con el regalo de la vida, estoy contento de saber que lo que quiera, se puede obtener si es que existe, si es que existe puedo tener también.

    No dude en hacer su propio uso o el que yo escribí, personalizarlo para que usted propia necesidad o preferencia.


    #santoproducts, Bigbirdthemacawfoundation 




    Palo Vencedor Tababuia Vitex [Palo Vencedor] July 05 2016

    Tababuia Vitex-Palo Vencedor

    This herb is used to purify the body or the home from negative influences including spirits that attract shadows or cast darkness on a person or location. It is used in combination with other plants and flora for these purpose,  Although it has great virtue, it requires other flora to magnify It's energetic abilities. Vencedor is always accompanied with Amansa Guapo (Florida boxwood), Vence batalla, Para mi,Saim weed (Rompe Saraguey), Gray Nicker (Quita Maldicion)

    For purposes of love, one can use Vencedor, Para mi, yo puedo mas que tu, Galán de noche

    All these ingredients are made into a fine powder and applied to the image of a person or an object. One must also ask your guardians guides for any addition plants/elements or offerings.

     Tababuia vitex [Palo Vencedor]

    Spell Castingspell Casting

    Lets converse on this subject. The objects or pictures of desires is to assist in the casting of the spell. It’s more for the third eye, to see the intended subject, person, place or thing which is desired. Those of us that train our consciousness and have a clear  third eye are the most effective at spell casting.

     There are many times that a novice or untrained can cast a serious spell and experience positive results, and attempt it once again and not receive the same result. One ask how and why.  The fact is that to understand the process we would start with not how but understand a universal law protocol, which is to be able to convert your words or thoughts to a feeling, or infuse it to the heart where it can receive spirituality. The Heart is much more than a beating organ, its the point of spirit. The heart is where the body receives its pulse, it generates electricity. a very powerful energy for the body.  Now this is amazing to understand that your body can and is producing electricity as it pulses in every beat.  When one prays for a very deep event and is able to transfer the words or thoughts of Get better, Heal, save this person, The need is so great that the brain converts the thought to a form of energy that is received by the heart in turn it receives the infusion of spirit and we then say “OH IT’S A MIRACLE” “ I CHANNELED THE CIRCUMSTANCE” all you did was via the “Great Need” of your desire was direct thought to the heart which converts it to whatever is truly needed.


    Now the Warning:

    There are laws that must be followed, This same spiritual energy is not to be used lightly, or for the destruction of others. You may attempt to but it will not work, the source of all things is pure and you can not use this pure energy to hurt another. you will only hurt yourself. You now ask well what about the evil witches or evil doers, I end the subject with, they use the lack of pure, the absence of positive. The outcome’ this will stick onto you and everything of you, your life,relationships,family etc. Then they ask Why is this happening to me? Why is God punishing me, my family? Its not God or life, it was always you! You are the center of You!


    Inglés: Satin

    Español: Vencedor

     Odu: OKANA-Odi, Oshe-Odi

    Esta hierba se utiliza para purificar el cuerpo o en la casa de las influencias negativas incluyendo espíritus que atraen a la sombra o un molde oscuro en una persona o lugar. Se utiliza en combinación con otras plantas y flora para estos eventos, Aunque tiene gran virtud, se requiere otro tipo de flora para ampliar la intención. Vencedor siempre se acompaña con amansa Guapo (boj Florida), Vence batalla, Para mi, Saim malezas (Rompe Saraguey), Gray Nicker (Quita Maldicion)

    Para propósito del amor uno puede utilizar Vencedor, Para mi, yo puedo mas que tu, Galán de noche

    Todos estos ingredientes se hacen en un polvo fino y se aplican a la imagen de una persona o un objeto. También hay que pedir a sus guías tutores para cualquier planta de adición u ofertas.

     Fundición Mágicas

    Vamos a conversar sobre este tema. Los objetos o imágenes de los deseos es ayudar en el envio del hechizo. Es más para el tercer ojo, para ver el tema previsto, persona, lugar o cosa que se desea. Aquellos de nosotros que entrenar nuestra conciencia y tener un tercer ojo claro son los más eficaces en el lanzamiento de hechizos.

     Hay muchas veces que un novato o inexperto puede lanzar un hechizo seria y experimentar resultados positivos, e intentar una vez más y no recibir el mismo resultado. Uno preguntan cómo y por qué. El hecho es que para entender el proceso que podríamos comenzar con no cómo pero entiendo un protocolo ley universal, que ha de ser capaz de convertir sus palabras o pensamientos a un sentimiento, o infundir al corazón donde pueda recibir la espiritualidad. El corazón es mucho más que un órgano de latir, es su punto de espíritu.

    El corazón es el lugar donde el cuerpo recibe su pulso, que genera electricidad. una energía muy poderosa para el cuerpo. Ahora bien, esto es increíble para entender que su cuerpo puede y está produciendo la electricidad, ya que palpita en cada latido. Cuando uno reza para un evento muy profundo y es capaz de transferir las palabras o pensamientos de mejorar, sanar, salvar a esta persona, la necesidad es tan grande que el cerebro convierte el pensamiento de una forma de energía que se recibe por el corazón en convertirlo recibe la infusión de espíritu y que luego diga "OH ES UN MILAGRO" "Me canalizó la circunstancia" todo lo que hizo fue a través de la "gran necesidad" de su deseo era el pensamiento directo al corazón, que la convierte en todo lo que es verdaderamente necesaria .

     Ahora la advertencia:#cubayende, #SantoProducts

    Hay leyes que se deben seguir, esta misma energía espiritual no es para ser usado a la ligera, o para la destrucción de otros. Usted puede intentar pero no va a funcionar, la fuente de todas las cosas es pura y no se puede utilizar esta energía pura para herir a otro. solo se haga daño. Ahora pides bien ¿qué pasa con las brujas malvadas o malhechores, termino el tema con, utilizan la falta de pureza, la ausencia de positivos. El resultado 'esta se pegará a ti y todo de ti, tu vida, relaciones, familia, etc. Entonces se preguntan ¿Por qué está pasando esto a mí? ¿Por qué Dios me castiga, a mi familia? no es Dios, o la vida, siempre fue usted! Usted es el centro de usted!

    Gray Nickers Quita Maldicion June 27 2016

    Gray Nickers Quita Maldicio

    Caealpinia Crista

    This herb has medicinal uses as well as Magical.  

    This herb can be used to treat Acne, asthma, colic, congestion, convulsions, depurative, diarrhea, dropsy fever, gonorrhea, snakebites, Leprosy, malaria.Dried or Fresh


    A tea is made from the leaves stems and root to prepare the medicine. You can also brew the same tea and apply it to the skin for at least seven days.  Herb baths are made as well to cleanse the body of skin disorders like Acne. Gray nicker lowers the population of Propionibacterium acnes (P. acnes), a bacterium commonly found on the skin.

    Magical Use:

    This herb has many magical uses. I will start with the basic and continue to the more complex.
    Gray nicker is excellent to remove negativity from the body. It has the ability to remove unwanted energy from the person using it as a spiritual bath simply one boils the stems and leaves allowing it to cool, fill the bathtub with water and soak. I would use this time to pray to the divine or your preference of spirit or deity.Asking to cleanse away the energy that is upon you.  A great spiritual bath I use is to combine, Gray nicker, Siam weed, Rue, road opener one garlic head. boil this for 20-30 minutes. Bottle it an old soda bottle works well. wrap the bottle in a white cotton cloth allow it to sit in the presence of a Saint or image of a guiding spirit. Burn two white candles making the prayer needed to the Divine. This bath is best to use over the weekend or when you can take time away from work or people. Being is solitude is absolute when cleansing the self. For baths, the herbs can be used Dried for best results

    As a Talisman:

    The Bean can be enchanted by an experienced Conjurer to protect the owner of the bean.  The bean has protective energy.  I use a branch at my door entrance to ward away bad influences. After a few days, I discard the branch to a remote location where I will not visit for a long time. Please understand that energy can not be destroyed.but changed. leaving negatively charged objects in public places allows the negative energy to attach to another person walking by it. If this same person is vibrating at its same frequency. It is best to discard in remote locations or in oceans or rivers where the energy can be cleansed by nature.


    This herb is a principal herb in the Omerio of Orisa/Osha.  There are some convents which choose not to add it to the Omerio. but this is an error.  The fear is that the thorns will affect the Iyawo in his life.  The proper way to use the herb is to smash it in the Mortar or pestle.  Its extract is then added to the source omerio.  This herb is used to remove negative energy from a person this includes the newly born Iyawo. When a person commits to follow orisa his old lifestyle is to be removed and forgotten a new beginning starts.  The word Iyawo means Bride as a new bride to his or her Orisa he follows the rules and advise of the spouse.