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Natal Chart Interpretation

A person at birth is coming into the world with a mission surrounded by the parameters of fate and destiny. Each new beginning (person, place, or thing) is coded and is influenced by the position of the stars and planetary bodies.  This arrangement I ask you to see it as a unique portrait painting imagined and inspired by the Life force some call Reason. These positions held by the celestial bodies when conscientiously interpreted reveal a path the soul has participated to traverse. This chart is a roadmap, the soul at the moment of birth forgets, from where it came. All past experiences and karmic depts forgotten. But a blueprint is displayed to be read and interpreted by those who hold the knowledge and wisdom to read the fate of individuals. 

Many people believe we came into the world with no user's manual to life but modern man has forgotten that the manual of their destiny has been written on the largest canvas “the heavens, firmament, Empyrean ”.  

When a trained astrologer reviews the position of the planets he can guide the individual on which career best fits his path, and his relationships with their parents family, and siblings. In how they will obtain wealth if it is written or destined describing the possible disease/sickness that threatens their evolution. By having this forecast the individual can make course corrections to change those events or experiences which are changeable within the parameters of fate and destiny.  There are some course corrections that can be changed through the act of Will and then there are those which are written on the stone of fate.

As an example in my personal chart, there are a few important events foretold that I will write about although there are many more.

These events were never told to me through modern astrology. I knew that because of the importance that came of these configurations, I knew they were locked somewhere in the chart.

This astrological chart of the positions of the planets revealed a truth of experience. Human life is divided into twelve parts not as modern astrology focuses on (sun sign) but the Whole as a whole with no exceptions.

My Picasso, the chart clearly shows the relationship with my father's departure in my early life this can be seen by the placement of Saturn in cancer as well as the separation between my parents. The next important tragic event was my mother’s desire to not be single, she involved herself with a man that would forever change my life, which created a lot of mental and spiritual trauma. When I was about six years old this pedophiliac took advantage of the trust of my mother and family. I was his victim. This of course as you can imagine shattered my life for a long time I had developed low self-esteem, a hateful relationship with my mother, and worst with God-Reason. I loathed myself anyone that told me I love you this phrase would send me into an emotional rampage because love meant I was about to be exploited and I had little or no choice. I had been instructed by my mother to love this man and that his role in my life was now  father.  

Late in my 30’s ensuing a new spiritual path “Law of attraction” not the silly fictional novel The Secret by Rhonda Byrne in my opinion is a joke, but a truly spiritual being Abraham channeled by Esther Hicks, Abraham the conscious energetic beings postulated that to attract wealth and success or any of my desires the person needed to surrender to the Law and to achieve this desire I had to forgive all those in my present and past.  One of my greatest deconstructions and the greatest liberations a person can experience. My desire so intense to achieve success and my desire for wealth, I took on the challenge only to be broken and shattered,  the man I once was I think died that afternoon.  Now writing about it this a created monster from these circumstances, It needed to die, he was not a good person because I subconsciously loathed living, loathed life. 

I faced my shadow verbally forgiving those that injured that innocent boy as in the myth of the Phoenix he arose liberated from the Psychological chains that kept him in bondage. 

A new person rose from the depths of chaos for chaos is the mother of order and structure. Of course, After this initiation, I had to create a new Anthropos in the image I imagined that I shall be. This is still a work in progress,  every day I learn something new and I aspire to do things morally in alignment with the universal laws.  This injury I am writing about can be seen in the chart as Mars (aggression) had grievous assaulted the moon in Taurus-being my 6th house this astronomical location is where we find the answers to topics of health. The moon was in an orb of 4 degrees. The south node, this node are subjects that need to be abandoned.

A trained astrologer looks at and grades the condition of planets to rate their usefulness or detriments. Observe which zodiac placement the planets receive influential energetic transmission or topics for the life of that individual.

The next important event which the chart displays is an important topic for many people the subject of marriage.  At the age of 17 and a half, I met the love of my life we spoke many times about getting married which for some weird reason never came to pass and it became a subject that was not spoken of. Having committed to each other, we saw no real reason to legalize It. My relationship lasted 12 years with no perspective in marriage. Recently due to financial and economic situations to ensure our future we decided to get married not for love but for financial reasons, he is still my best friend and he will always be the love of my life. Because of the possible futuristic financial uncertainty we wanted to add financial stability into our lives to ensure that in our financial future the government, and family couldn’t go against our wishes, we planned on getting married. I was opposed to this idea I always said that if I would be married to a person it would not be for money but it would be about love when I was convinced by him and my close friends telling me this was a sound solution to a problem that could arise in the future and so I gave in and agreed to legal marriage. I had explained to him that in my astrological chart I was not destined to marry and we would have to wait for a window where we could cross through to be able to be married even though it wasn't about love. I pulled the horoscope to see the best possibilities for Venus to bless the union making sure venus was at the right constellation to allow this marriage to take fold, the window of opportunity needed to be open, and available, the first omen that occurred was that the window of success happened to fall on a Saturday which the courts are closed so that left us to Friday as we reviewed the documentation and requirements for a marriage certificate, We both noticed that we would financially be injuring ourselves much more than what we were attempting to secure. I knew he was still willing to go through it to prevent this future adversity, I saw this as the second omen, first it wasn't about love although there was an open window it was on Saturday! Final Omen, it would injure our current financial status.

Venus in Virgo

 this is observed in my natal chart with Venus in the zodiac sign of Virgo.

The energetic expression of Venus in Virgo is expressed in an individual who continuously scrutinizes and questions the motive of their partner as I learned what this energetic expression entailed, I reflected on the 12 years of our relationship and how I always hounded him about his motivation giving gifts, in romantic moments I always Analyzing what were his true hidden motives and to be frank this individual did not have hidden motives he was genuinely showing me in  the manner he knew best to love me he would bring me gifts because he knew that I would Appreciate them once they were in my hands I began the analyzation what is this for? what did you do? What do you want? honestly speaking now as a mature adult I can see how this could affect a relationship when the other party is always under the microscope when they're just being genuinely loving and caring. 

I have often wondered if my mother would have been privy to the information about the future of her son and their relationship, how different my life would have turned out. 

 Then I remind myself of the path each twist and turn that has led me to this very moment due to those circumstances of fate and destiny and how those challenges served for me to become a man of my choosing and creation, the spiritual moral man I’ am today. 

Thank you, troubles for if not for you, what would I have lost? But think about it, an event that can be altered no longer in the hands of fate but Will.

I hope to be interacting with you very soon

And discuss your stars and your future.


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