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I want to start with “Thank you for giving us purpose” Now&Forever SantoProducts wants to share in the abundance of its wealth.

The direction of my thought is to help each being get on one higher step on the ladder of ascension

Recently While walking my garden and praising all the beautiful plants and enjoying the flowers, I walked over to my Avocado trees and notice strange phenomena the flowers on the tree had no visitors of bees. I decided to visit other plants we have cultivated for nourishment for insects but especially the bees. I noticed only 3 bees in the garden. I said to myself what a bazaar find, last year this whole garden was buzzing with bees and butterflies all over, it was such a spectacle, I should have video recorded the beauty of it all if even possible for a camera to capture what my eyes saw. It was so amazing to me I had to stop and thank the creator for this experience, I said I truly live in abundance of everything I need. Literally! My money grows on trees.   

Thank you, Shiva


This year after the hurricane things are and have never been the same but I question what about the impact on the bees population?  I thought how can I make a difference? Ahh offer each client a tulsi basil plant free of charge or no purchase necessary just simply enter the code (Wellbeingforall) and you receive a $6.99 discount on the Holy basil.  All you are paying is shipping. This code only works for Holy-Tulsi basil. One per customer.Tulsi Basil

This Basil is not your common basil it is one of the bees favorite basils. This basil is a Goddess in guise. The Indian goddess Lakshmi her healing and beneficial abilities are so great it is planted at every Hindu home doorway. Its leaves are sacred offerings to the Divine Shiva and Vishnu.

How to raise your vibe!

Raising your vibe is Stone Alignment Zenmuch more than thinking positive thoughts, kind deeds, it also means what you eat or intake into the body, I’m sure you have heard “you are what you consume”. Did you know that the higher the vibration of food/water the higher your energetic vibration?  Our amazing bodies convert food/water vibe-energy into our own life force. If everything is energy than the energy of food/water that we consume is what and who we are. Live foods, living energy running through our veins, which produce higher thoughts and higher behaviors.

Ever see those people that have high energy? What runs in our mind is “What Drug is she on?

High power professionals or athletes consume high vibe foods. Energy healers, Reiki, Shamans,  Consume higher vibe foods or should why because it reflects their Auric field their life force.  Next time you visit a Reiki or a medium ask whats your diet look like. If it is consistent with pizza and manufactured foods, guess what your session will be one of low vibe, when it could have been totally in depth on a cosmic level.  There are some very good Reiki and the sorts with great talents but we are only as good as what we eat.

You may ask was this blog post about bees and holy basil” yes it is, here is the comeback,  You can use this basil for tea, or add it to a green drink, perfume your next salad with the aroma of Tulsi, Your digestion system will love you. It's flowerful and refreshing tasting Tulsi is a “Good Thing”. Consumption of this or any herb raises your Vibration. Stressing out at work? Tulsi basil is well known to calm the nerves. And many more benefits like lowering blood glucose. The benefit list goes on, Not only are you benefiting from the vibes but the bees are too which means all of nature is in alignment with a higher self.  I wish to close this with the lyrics from a song of the artist known as Enigma

Out From The Deep


We came out from the deep

To learn to love, to learn how to live

We came out from the deep

To avoid the mistake we made

That's why we are here!

We came out from the deep

To help and understand, but not to kill

It takes many lives till we succeed

To clear the debts of many hundred years

That's why we are here!

Remember to claim your Free gift that supports the wellbeing of all on this amazing planet and its experience

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