"Wisdom" Frequency Re-Tuning Energy Shifter Bath

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Frequency Re-Tuning Shifter Energy Bath


This bundle package Gives you six of the most used and sought cleansing  herbs. Use them individually or brew your juju.   

The Legends:

The legends mentioned in our cultural Literature and evidence confirming by the continual use of these herbs, shrubs and flora, their ability to shift a persons negative energy. Highly used in a spiritual cleansing bath under rituals this combination of plants creates a energy elixir  this elixir is compounded into a liquid programed by nature to dominante the fields of energy that are the cause to our unbalanced Reality. The only way to alter a frequency is altering it through a higher octave


Thank you for your interest in this product.

We vividly wish to share and communicate our conceptual knowledge of these herbs, offered here at SantoProducts.  These herbs retain a universal code that code has transformative ability to shift frequencies  from a lower frequency as in stress fields, phycological or ethereal cognitive thought forms, these  vibrations can lead us to strange encounters with the unwanted. Its bad enough that  each moment we face the unknown which is a source of much of our psychic motivations, desires, the continuous searching for peace of mind. the unknown represents annihilation, death, our fear of death, the dying void emptiness stems from the unknown.

Now  add the unwanted and our life experience becomes really strange. A drawing, A pull, too more lower vibration experiences. This Herb bundle helps you in making  these stuck vibes fuse up in rhythm and transformation, reenergizes,  using this elixir and incorperate your rituals, Activates the fulfillment of the universal Law of Motion.

The herbs and the usefulness.

Siam weed (Rompe Saraguey) used as a auric body cleanser, wound healer

Firebush (Hierba para mi) an Attractor of higher vibrations, a green organic plant magnet. anti viral-fungi-bacterial one pole attracts the other pole rejects illness.

Chaste Tree (Palo Vence Guerra) a regulator of inner flowing energy, for use in female cycles cleanser and facilitator of Flow, used for fertility and conceptions. 

Satin wood (Palo Vencedor) These two are twins, ritualized to achieve difficult situations
V. Satin wood (Palo Vence Batalla)

Nikkar nut (Quita Maldicion) a preferred Unhexing vine, used to reduce corporal inflammation 20% linoleic acid 


Additional Thoughts, These herbs in this package can be:

Spiritual Baths, Tintures, balms, or convert them into a fine powder using mortar and pistol. Juju powder. for those of you that use florida water, merge with agua florida for 6 months before use.



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