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What are HydrosolsHydrosol:Road Opener

 Hydrosols are the water-based “aqueous” of herbs or plants. They are obtained from the distillation process.  Each plant or herb contains many chemical compounds that are divided into watery substances, essential oils, and plant fibrous matter. Through the process of distillation, these three forms are divided from each other. The aqueous is subtracted for the plant fibers giving a remainder of chemical aqueous, and oils.  

 These hydrosols are less reactive to the sensitivity of the skill or organs, yet still maintaining a gentle application.  Hydrosols are gentle and effective. If you have ever experienced some essential oils they can be reactive to the skill or if ingested.  Hydrosols give us the same benefits without so many sensitive irritations. Hydrosols are ancient and are becoming embraced more because of their gentle reactions.  Hydrosols deliver all the benefits of the plant or herbal essence at a holistic and gentle approach.


Why Hydrosols

 If you ever tried essential oils, minerals, vitamins, you may have experienced too much or overdosed on these substances and felt discomforts skin rashes, dermatitis. Stomach gastritis and stopped the use.  This has occurred because of the body's inability to deal with the concentration and the body becomes overwhelmed. For example: If I for the first time squeeze a lemon and drank the juice without a water dilution my stomach and tongue would be in discomfort, now if I took the same amount of juice and diluted in 8 ounces of water, I still have the full benefits of the lemon juice but not such a potent measure, with little or no discomfort. This is Hydrosol pure plant compounds-benefits without the potency of the sustain.


Hydrosol: Ylang Ylang


Uses for Hydrosols

Red Rose

 These wonderful and holistic liquids have many applications in the cosmetics, lotion, and soap industry.  Using an all nature hydrosol that contains healing and antiseptic chemical compounds in a lotion or cosmetics is an alternative to synthetic chemicals.  We have tried a store-purchased lotion or soap and have had to stop its use because of the sensitivity of the chemicals. Woop there is a store return, and discontinue use. Why because the lotions or soap may smell amazing or feel smooth but the synthetic chemicals are unknown to the human organism which is rejected “a side effect” dry skin, dermatitis, etc.


Hydrosol on a spiritual approach.Spiritual Herbalism

My personal belief is there is nothing more spiritual than healthy living, or healing.  We feel great we make better conscious decisions. We are at our zenith.  Here is a quote response from a search on Google: Does water have memory? Here is what I got

Memory Water

 The structure of water is affected by our emotions. Scientific studies have shown that water, not only has memory but its structure is affected by the emotions of people. The water molecules change their position when they interact with positive or negative emotions.”


Imagine having a hydrosol that contains natural healing compounds as an aqueous then harmonizing it, praying into this, or as the newest term putting our positive intentions into action.  What a difference in the benefits of a truly holistic product. We brand our herbs and products with our company logo not only for marketing purposes but behind the sacred word Santo” this word translates to Holy or sacred product.  This labeling transmits our deepest intentions to our products and their users. Using the same techniques of Dr. Masaru Emoto.



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