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Rue Ruta Graveolens


Chronic bronchitis, Coughs, Colic and flatulence,  Digestive complaints headaches, Hemorrhages, Hysterical Affection, Palpitation a nervous headache, Sciatica


This herb is known in the old world for its many uses and applications It is also used in Brazil as the key ingredient in homemade herbal cough syrup when mashed with caramelized sugar and honey.



Highly protective.  Guards against negative energies and gets things moving in a positive direction

Cleanse for the Home

3 parts dry or fresh Rue, boiled for 20 minutes add, 3 parts dry or fresh Saim weed, 3 parts Rosemary, the root of castor oil plant,

allow to cool and use in a spray bottle to cleanse the walls and air of the home, use some to mop the floors,  You can burn a good incense to purify the environment. light two white candles one for the invocation of the Power of Peace, and the other to your guardians.

The Power of Peace, is a power that is supplied to us form eternal source, when we have peace we have it all, lets look at this power we call peace, If I have peace that is provided to me from eternal source, I have all my bills paid, my children and family are healthy, my home is in order and functioning, my job or financial status is flowing. These are the true gifts of the power of Peace.  In the morning I call this power to my door, as I clean my home, am saying it over and over again, you can't ever have too much peace. I make it a Meditation mantra, Peace for my home peace for those that wish negative for me and mine

Peace at my door, Peace, Peace, Peace, Peace, etc, I then Thank Source for the abundance of peace that resides in my home. I will say that those that have visited me, all tell me the same thing, it is so peaceful here, I feel calm and relaxed here. I don't wish to leave, and then they ask how is it that it feels like this?, I tell them I ask for peace every morning, I only keep things that are peaceful around me. Plus all of natures flora I have around us produces the tranquility that you are enjoying.  I also have the word ALAFIA written on many of my walls in white chalk. always invoking the Power of peace. the same visitors ask what is that word or what's that written there" at the top of your door? I say Peace! Alafia! Peace is welcomed at my door.


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