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Please choose from our three selected astrology readings.


Natal chart interpretation

Learn what the stars announced at your birth. the accolades, the struggles, and the direction in life are intended to unfold.

Horary reading

The art of divination using the zodiac. Horary is the technique used to have the zodiac answer a question the inquirer has. When life has a mystery, we have doubts. The chart gives the inquirer the answers.


Requirements: horary only 

This technique requires the time of a question to be recorded look at your clock and log the time this time will be asked of you. or if there's a question that keeps you up at night or festers over and over. An example of this is ( am I expecting? am I getting the promotion? Is it time to move ? Am I going to succeed in our new town, house, etc)

Natal chart interpretations


Arcane Astrology

This service is for the seeker of the ritual to achieve success in their ritual magic, or selection of the proper time to focus energy into a project that requires the assistance of the planets to bless the event.  Learn more about the science of what to expect with Arcane astrology service

Once you have booked your purchase, you will receive an email with the needed information for your consultation via Google meets, or phone call.  you will also receive a questionnaire regarding your information this information is vital to be studied before the consultation is given,  A close look is done to determine aspects and their meaning to the individual's interpretation of their planet's configuration.  Our consultations are one hour long.  We cover the 12 houses and their relationship with each unique configuration and significance to each unique individual.