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Arcane astrology Magic

We are excited to offer this service because of its ability to help you not be the “Loser”
In your magical endeavors. This method is a sure method to ensure your magic, your time and resources are not wasted.

Many times we have wasted our hard earned money to perform a ritual and at the end it fails. We asked ourselves “I did all the correct steps, purchased the correct herbs, candles and for some a ritual sacrifice all to end up going in the wrong direction.

Have you heard a friend achieve it and you didn't? Did the deity not accept the offering?
Did I forget a procedure?
Why didn't it come to pass?

The answer is simple, so simple it's usually overlooked. Did you look upwards to the heavens? The neglect to inquire about the placement of the luminaries is the simplest answer.

In our past the shamen, or the priests would elect the correct astrological time to perform the task of the ritual. These wishmen selected the dates and time for the best auspicious outcome. These priests understood that if the luminaries were in discord the outcome would be as well.

How many marriages have you witnessed or heard fail within the first five years? Or you left your career for a better opportunity only to quit, or failing at this new position that should have been an easy transition.

Even using all your magical and ritualistic knowledge it still failed. I too have found myself in this dilemma . Now after much study, I am learning the arts of traditional and medieval astrology. I look toward the luminaries. The condition of the planets and stars have an effect on all which happens on this earth and its inhabitants.

Here we witness the acronym
“So above so below” (The second hermetic Law) The law of correspondence. Before I perform a ritual, even a simple ritual or create one of our alchemy products I inquire about the astrological planetary conditions. If the situation is not an auspicious moment I check for what is called an election period this consists of not only the alignments of the planets but also Selene’ the moon and her transits. The election is a future date and time. When the fruit is ripe, for the picking this also includes foresight, that the zodiac is aligned to the task. Not every constellation placement is suited for the needed condition for our magical ritual or endeavor.

Studying traditional astrology I have learned my fate in life and the path carved for me, also giving me insight into which parts are my life are changeable through my focused “Will”.

Using these methods I have an understanding of the society we experience. It explains the instability we witness each day. I can determine if what I am feeling and experiencing is my mental projects or the projects of fear of others.

Using these techniques I have success’ the opposite of failure. Isn’t that what we want?
Now no longer left to chance and acceptance of fate, ordained and blessed by the planetary spirits and the solar lords, the cosmic echelons.

You may begin to ask if my spirits, ancestors or orisha have a say in my life! Yes you are correct but these spiritual beings are under the command of the solar lords.

Thosewho have studied the hermeticum, ancient mysticism or as some know them the Arts of heaven know that in the beginning of time in this reality The One designated principalities to govern in a hierarchy some where given authority on earth some in the heavens others the underworld. Those mystical forces we understand as ancestors, orisha are subordinates to the echelons of the cosmic heaven, the planets each spirit per planet. If these executives of human development are in disagreement nothing will come to fruition.

Astrology allows the astrologer to see, understand the decree of the One and its emissaries. To understand the decree of the One is to know the mind of the creator and how it plans to implement its will on the earth and its society.

Using our services your choices are no longer the slaves of chance or bad judgment but in alignment with the cosmic order. We can probe the windows of auspicious timing for the rituals, a wedding, property purchase, switching a career or planning a family, children. Now life is in my favor. I am no longer the loser or the victim of bad choices but the winner in my endeavors.

Our recommendation is first a natal chart interpretation to determine the planets and stars in favor to work with and those that require additional supplication in order to receive the blessing of the more difficult planetary executives.

We will need the birth date,time and location. The purpose of the ritual and your intended target (goal) If it involves another individual, a client their information is also required the rationale for is The luminaries may favor the priest not the client. They are the receiver of the blessing and its labors.

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