Astrological Natal Interpretation

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Natal chart interpretation

Learn what the stars announced at your birth. the accolades, the struggles, and the direction in life intended to unfold.

Astrology zodiac chart 1-1-2023


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An interpretation of each of the 12 zodiac

Even if there are no planets in the zodiac constellation. Each zodiacal constellation is a specific planet's domicile and unlocks life topics as I mentioned if there are no luminaries there are still valuable facts the chart indicates. 

astrology chart the houses

Chart Rulers 

Each chart has a ruler planet or luminary we also include, based on your time of birth if the sun or the moon is the Sect ruler of your chart this has deep connotations and significations.

Aspects and orbs

This is an interpretation of the relationship between the luminaries using sacred geometry angles you may understand them as squares 90 degrees, sextiles 60 degrees, trigons 120 degrees, oppositions 180 degrees, and conjunctions.

The Arabic Lots 

The lots are Archetypal divination methods or an aspect that indicate certain aspects of a person's life 

The Lot of Fortune

Deals with a person's body, livelihood, possessions, reputation, and privilege, health.

The lot of Eros

used to determine subjects of the love and desires, appetites, arise from choice as well as friends and intimate relationships.

The lot of spirit

Deals with subjects of soul, temper, intelligence, the assertion of the power of the will

The final Procedure is the psychological and spiritual summary analysis. final words a summary.

We also offer a progression interpretation, which reviews the current progress the planets have moved into after living life this allows us to see what parts of the natal chart have already activated and those down the road. Thank you Namaste speak with you soon. interested in learning more check out this post I wrote for better understanding. Click Here