Thought Forms and there implications on your wellbeing.

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Good Day to you reader: Namaste

I would like to share with you a quick idea I traversed reading this Theosophical literature

. Reading this amazing essay I was reminded of the effects of thoughts, its uses and their astral mental body effect.  It’s free on Kindle, this is great because the literature needed is available for anyone to access. I have included one page as a tease to tempt you to read the book. It's only 72 pages long, a short read with profound implementations to increase your understanding of your thoughts and the thoughts of others and their cause and effect on the world, and each individual.


Here we have something to think about how the astral body and our mental body assist us and how naive we are in not maintaining its higher status of energy fields and why it should be managed. On a regular basis.  Imagine all the dirty looks one has received in our lifetime? How much ill well has been imposed on our astral and mental body? How much of it  have we been able to manage?,( Quite a lot) to the point where those thoughts don't affect us.  This book's contents bring us to be aware, concerned and to nurture these energetic bodies. 

Many of our clients use the herbal method to clean up the negative energies and this is wise. Yet have you considered taking herbal baths to raise your own vibration or heal the astral body?  Much of my study revolves around the maintenance of my energetic field, emotional states and their effect on the soul and body. Frequency maintenance is also very important. This is my go to method. It's quick and works on the psychic mind and body quickly.

There are days when a tune up (frequency) is not always enough to bring in the change I am looking for. I resort to herbal cleansing, sacred space and rituals, and incense burning.  

 We all wish to be happy and successful yet at times it seems as if there is some force that is holding us back, or misfortune seems to pile on, (The shitty days)  What we have here is something to alert us on what we are allowing and not allowing.  The denser our astral and mental body are, the more we have to lose.  

My clients are very herbal-spiritual and use their methods to resolve issues At times it seems as if more is needed. More herbs, more baths?? What is needed is the strengthening of the mental body. This way the herbal process can focus more on the astral and physical body, this way we can better connect with our higher selves. Meeting our angelic guides,

not entangled with other people's ideas and thoughts about us, may those be of higher loving thoughts’ these I accept, but all those limited concepts the wicked and spiritually sick projections? Nope! 

 Let's connect with our guides, angels and otherworldly forces.

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