Road Opener Hydrosol

Road Opener Hydrosol

  • $ 29.95

3 oz Bottle Hydrosol

Main Ingredients : 

Abre Camino, Ylang Ylang extracts, Embelesso, Ceiba, Cinnamon, No Me Olvides, Amansa  Guapo, Mint, Patchouli Root to name a few of the herbs used.

This blend is designed to open new opportunities, Its composite ingredients are to attract and enchant those the user comes in contact with.  I do warn the user "You will be a light to the moth" Prince charming can show up, or Mr/Ms. Wrong. You are the creator of your reality so choose wisely or the universe will choose for you, you may not like what is given. Since you are the creator of what experience comes in and out of your life, be a deliberate creator.