Maravilla | Four O'clock: 2 oz Santo Products

Maravilla | Four O'clock: 2 oz Santo Products

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2 oz Fresh cuttings

Scientific name: Mirabilis jalapa

other names: Yoruba-Ewe ewa or Inkuayo,  Kongo-Boddule

Maravilla/Four O'clock is a common herb with many applications spiritually or medicinally.  The whole herb is converted into a decoction (strong tea) and applied to treat skin tumors.  It has anti-fungal properties, used for skin, virginal discharge or infections. conjunctivitis, intestinal ailments.  Spiritually it is used to make omerio.  Used in prosperity and good fortune incantations.  works well in combination with road opener (abre camino) tulsi basil, (albaca morada) firebush (hierba para mi) kalanchoe (prodigious).  This herb can be converted into a afoche also to attract good fortune