Palo Almacigo (Gumbo Limbo Tree): 2 oz Santo Products

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science: Bursera simaruba

English: Gumbo Limbo Tree

Spanish: Almacigo

 Yoruba:Iggi Adanna

Congo: Imbi iye

Odu:  Eiogbe-kana, Obara-eyioki, Ofun-Ojuani

Gumbo has a healing heart only, it does not harm any soul as other flora lend themselves to harm or domination of others.  Its purpose in life is to heal.
In the faith, the gumbo was blessed by Orisa Oduduua, for healing him from elephantiasis.


Medicinal Use:
it is used to treat arthritis, rheumatism, Asthma back pain blood tonic during pregnancy, Colds, diarrhea with blood, Gonorrhea, Hoarse voice, Intestinal ailments kidney ailments High blood pressure, respiratory ailments, Skin irritations wounds. etc the list goes on



The gumbo's sole purpose is to heal and healing it does. I use it to cleanse my inner body of toxic waste, If I am feeling sluggish, I prepare a tea of leaves, resin, and bark.   I also take the time to speak to this amazing entity, The healing secrets of Gumbo limbo are guarded, I have only found one, in the days of past, Mothers would ask the Gumbo to heal their child's umbilical.

The mothers would mark the tree trunk at the same height and location of the child wound and cut off a slice and place the child Umbilical onto the raw truck, and ask Iggi Adanna, that as he heals himself from the wound to heal the child, sure enough, the wound would heal, at the same speedy recovery.  

I find that even it's shade is healing, and it answers my verbal requests.  I now have six in my yard space.
No matter what you possibly feel attempting to remedy yourself with Gumbo is a great start.

Other medicinal uses:
Skin ailments" The leaves/resin can be boiled and added to a hot tub bath, the individual soaks till the water cools off, the longer the better, and if the skin ailment is severe I would perform the bath a few times in the week, never rinse off the bath with soap. Only use soap on the body parts that cause odor, feet, underarms, etc, etc. 
The Resin also has great applications, you add resin to boiling water, use it as a gargle or drink this tea for sore throats.
The best one, warming up the resin to a sticky paste and applying it to a surgery scar, after an operation, the resin will erase what the doctor imposed on the body's tissue.  

 Magical use:
A few ounces of leaves, and shredded bark, with Garlic skins, Cloves, restores the harmony in a home that is in a negative state.

A talisman staff of this tree can be used to revive an individual that is in between worlds or at the hands of Iku (death).  A ceremony is performed on the staff, once the enchantment is in effect, it is placed at the shrine of orisa Obatala, or with the image of our lady of mercy.