Amansa Guapo (Florida Boxwood): 2 oz Santo Products

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2 oz Fresh Leaves or Branch without leaves.

efferia frutescens

English: Florida Boxwood

Spanish: Amansa Guapo others names: Cambia Rumba

Yoruba: Kunino

Odu: Iroso-ika, Osa-Kana, Oturpon-she

Initiates Ebbo:
This flora is used to dominate, control, and appease a situation, or a person. combine this branch with other ingredients like the bones of an offered animal, to the guardian Eggun, or Orisa of the person at need, or to the guardians of the Conjurer. combined with other herbs will provoke the situation in the offer's favor.

Non-Initiated in Orisa/Sanse/Palo 

The magic that is "Dominating" is something not taken lightly. Removing it is twice as Difficult.  Do onto others as you prefer onto you.

Additional recommendation:
herbs/tree Paradise tree, also known as Palo 7 Rays. This palo 7 Rays is another dominating energy. When 7 Rayos is put to overtake a person or obstacle it is a done deal. The other well-combining tree or energy magic is  The Bodhi tree, Alamo, another very mystical tree which amplifies any magic.

Another great add-on is Vergonzosa

Mimosa Pudica:) Shameplant Sensitive plant muere veve,) this herb changes from one state to another.  When touched it immediately closes.

Muere Veve Sensitive Plan




Bodhi Tree ALAMO

Esta flora se utiliza para dominar, controlar y apaciguar una situación, o una persona. Combinan esta rama con otros ingredientes como los huesos de un animal ofrecido, al guardián Eggun, oa Orisa de la persona que necesita, o a los guardianes del Conjurer. Combinado con otras hierbas provocarán la situación en favor de la oferta. La magia que domina es algo que no se toma a la ligera. Eliminarla es dos veces más difícil. Hacer a los demás como usted prefiere.