Hydrosol: Santo Products 4oz Bottle

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 You receive a 4 oz amber bottle. Made from "Organically Grown" as our society allows. What makes us different. We recently incorporated a kinesiology techniques to validate its effectiveness on the purchaser.  Our Hydrosol is exposed to Vibrational Music and allowed to receive mother earth energic flow.  We apply a few other trades.

Ordering This Product with Herbs will delay your shipments, If you need your herbs quickly Please order this item separately to avoid delays.  These hydrosols are prepared at request or purchase. Guaranteeing a fresh holistic liquid. 



What are Hydrosols

 Hydrosols are the water-based “aqueous” of herbs or plants. They are obtained from the distillation process.  Each plant or herb contains many chemical compounds that are divided into watery substances, essential oils, and plant fibrous matter. Through the process of distillation, these three forms are divided from each other. The aqueous is subtracted for the plant fibers giving a remainder of chemical aqueous, and oils.  

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