Embeleso Blue Plumbago Embeleso: Santo Products 2 oz

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2 oz  Fresh herb

This beautiful Plant is used throughout southern gardens for its attractive foliage.

This plant is associated with Oshun and Love spells, its ability is to beautify. To achieve a fairy tale moment as Cinderella,  using a combination of Embeleso with some other herbs and elements, to create a bath that works for a new career, a new lover, or to attract your soulmate.

Spiritual use:


you will need 2 or 3 parts of Plumbago, 2 parts feverwort, 2 parts cinnamon leaves, four deep red roses, 2 parts false daisy,5 honey bees,  a bath is made of one part of said ingredients and done for three days in a role, a perfume scent of your choice is merged with one part Plumbago, the 5 bees, and one branch of Torchwood (AKA Camba Voz-change my voice) Use this perfume daily, and take five to fifteen minutes a day to reflect on what you want and only what you want, and conjure the perfect Job or lover. “Simple conjuring is easy, just write down your desire, example If a lover would be my desire I would write ‘I want a tall and handsome man, that's six feet tall, olive skin, that makes me laugh the rest of our lives together, every day will be a new beginning for us, he will enjoy providing for me although I can provide for us as well. his eyes are brown and Etc. with this written paper you focus your energy and thought every day, the more you focus on this incantation the sooner it is delivered. Remember to add what you want, and don’t cheat yourself to settle for anything, it will be in your design and not anything other than what you want.