Bay Rum West Indie Bay Pimenta Racemosa: 2 oz Santo Products

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2 oz  Fresh leaves-Hojas fresco

Pimenta racemosa

This noble tree is a wonderful gift onto this earth, Bay Rum has many applications. One of the best-kept secrets is using bay rum for baths to smooth out your energy.

Many times a conjurer feels quite not him/herself and feeling the need to refresh one's aura or the energies of your home. Rest assured that with a 4 or more once of this herb and other herbs, boom! your energies are back on track.   

One meaningful lesson I received as a novice was keeping our auras energy clean.  It is of great importance in the ways of the spirit.  It doesn't matter which faith you choose, our inner being just understands connection to source, source is positive energy but in our daily life we have learn to be disconnected from this uplifting, reenergizing, omnipotent power.  It should be our pleasure to connect with this force as much as possible.  We tend to forget that in this connection we are at our happiest, our fullest.  It's our best perspective on life and see life for what it really is, or as it should always be, in harmony with the source, harmony with our inner self.


The leaves are boiled and allowed to soak for 3 or more days, the longer the better the fragrance.  Once this simple process is complete you are now ready to use this amazing cleanse. This water can stain fabric.  what this coloring is in reality, is a tannin solution which can be used for external cuts or skin ailments. 

The essential oil is used to promote Hair growth.