Vibrational Hydrosols

Custom designed Hydrosols and essential oils.  Our Hydrosol is composed of our herbs and plants.  We use healing and spiritual plants to assist the user to raise their vibrations to achieve the success they are seeking.  Some of the herbs used are  (Satinwood)Palo Vencedor, (Road Opener) Abre Camino, (Fire bush) Hierba para mi, (Saim weed) Rompe saraguey to name a few. I addition to the herbs we use selected flowers in different color ranges to match the intentions of the product and the user. Its final process the Hydrosol are spiritually charged using Healing frequencies, intentions, and magic to activate the positive charge of the Hydrosol. What is a Hydrosol? its the plant's inner organic waters, these waters are filled with healing benefits or compounds from the plants' chemistry.  A simple way to look at it is " a Herbal bath without the sticky colored tea we use to apply for health and spiritual growth and development.  They can be used a skin cleanser that is gentle enough to use on a babies skin.