4. UnHexing Herb Collection

These Herbs have and continue to be the best at removing Hexs, witchcraft, Evil Eye. Herbs have always been applied to treat health conditions, hexes, yet what is not always understood is that each plant has its own vibrational frequency.  This is what makes each plant unique. You can have two plants of the same species with little difference example one genre has white flowers and the other purple flowers as in Blue plumbago. Each one has a different purpose. one attracts the other Detracts. One can be used or recommended for men and the other just for females.  What is the difference  "Energic Frequency

Hexing, Witchcraft, Evil eye, are all on their own Frequency and merge to one outcome, Dis-easement in Health, Financially, or Harmonically. This is what needs to be altered. Applying a herbal bath immediately changes the auric field of a person or when used as a house cleanse, causes the Vibrational change.