Palo Paraiso ChinaBerry tree [Paraiso]: 2 oz Santo Products

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2 oz Fresh branches leaves


Scientific: Melia azedarach

English: Chinaberry

Spanish Name: Paraiso

Odu: Eyioko-Okana, Iwori-Ika, Odi-Ika, Odi-Ogunda, Ogunda-Oshe, Otura-kana



Daphnea, Hysteria, Leprosy, Parasitic roundworms

This wonderful flora is a gift from the south pacific,  Chinaberry is a well sought out tree in the caribbeans for its ability to cleanse out a home and brings fortune to your dwelling.  Chinaberry is considered to have as much Ase (Goodness/blessings)as the cedar. chinaberry protects and gives gifts of fortune.

It makes a good sweeping broom to cleanse out the home, When cleaning the home, one should be kept just for the front door, another for the inside of the home, you also use leaves to make a floor cleanse. This trees leaves are quite useful in cleansing of a home or places of worship.  
The leaves are also employed in baths, when a person has many difficulties in life and is in need of a good cleansing