2. Herbal Body Cleanse

Body cleansing is something of great importance to ourselves. The average women spend about 49 minutes grooming. Men spend a few minutes but those numbers are not concrete. Good practice for spiritualists and people, in general, is to also cleanse the unseen buildup inside our bodies.  These toxins are well known to cause every form of ailment in the human body.  You find products on the market, to cleanse the colon, blood, kidneys, liver, and skin.  

Take your Spirit to a thriving mode by simply cleaning out your inner self, and watch your energy field come alive

There are many good products available to the general public. Now in this area of fast food, preservatives, and sugars we really need to take a closer look at how often we clean our insides.  This collection is on herbs I use to keep myself in detox mode.  

Please keep in mind that mother nature always provides the solution to all our problems. Consuming these herbs as a tea, and combining with fruits and vegetables assist in the process.  

Juicing is a great way to receive the needed nutrients and help your body.  You can add some of these infusions to a fresh juice to boost your cleanse.