Spear Mint Mentha spicata

Spear Mint Mentha spicata

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Mentha spicata

 This wonderful herb has many uses for medicinal use and  flavor, Spearmint is a common herb found in all climates, its not  rich in mentha as is peppermint.

Spearmint is great for tea and flavoring foods like salads and candies.


It’s best use medicinal is as a paste for the skin, it gives a refreshing feeling and the compounds assist in healing acne eruptions. Spearmint is a good remedy for stomach aches, and mild gastritis.



This herb is a must have for enlightenment from a persons spiritual guide. It’s used as an offering to the shrines of the ancestral spirits to give clear mind communications, It is also made into a poultice and applied on the center of the head, to clear off negative energies. Allowing the whispers of the ancestors to be heard and understood.


The old text describes the use and offering Spearmint to the shrines of the mammy.


What are Mammy’s ? Mammies where at one time the servants of the slave masters of many plantations in the south and the caribbean.  These ladies were the caregivers of the home and families they served. Many of the mammies came from the motherland or descented for that linage. Many mammies in the motherland were high priest of the cult iyalordes or wife’s to medicine men of the tribes.Some were even feared for their witchery. These positions back home gave them the knowledge in caring for the family or community they served. They knew everything that happen in the village and within the community.


In this century we honor them as guide spirits in our home, they are given the task to care for the home and to direct the other spirits of the home to perform tasks for the well being of the home.

You can give offerings of coffee, tea, bread, herbs to these amazing caregivers. The owners of these spirits can trust that the affairs of the spirit world are being cared for as long as the house mammy is in good standing with him or her.  The owners give the mammy the highest position in the home, they are offered food, drinks,cigars,waters, and talismans. The concept is simple, give the mammy the tools to work and achieve her task,the task will be done.  These spirits are not to be taken for granted.  Remember that although in slaved here in the united states, their ranks back home were at one time of very high honor, or feared, they were the directors of tribe women affairs, selection of the next tribesmen ruler or from the royal courts of kings etc. These spirit guides have great amount of knowledge or where to obtain the help from other guides. These spirits in time reveal their secret name to their owners, and only for them or the coven to know. Work with these spirits for a life long companion and protector.