Pigeon Pea Leaf

  • $ 6.99

Gandules, Pigeon Pea, Cajanus cajan
Dried 1.3 Once
Fresh 2.0 Once
Fresh leaves on the stem
Naturally grown without any Chemicals or Pesticides.
Food Grade Resealable Bag
Shipping  USPS Priority, FedEx
Medicinal uses:  Bladder stones, Bronchitis, Coughs, Eczema, and Pneumonia
Belongs to Babalu Aye The day of celebrations to this orisa is December 17.
Babalu Aye is known by many names in Africa.  Babalu is associated with healing since he is the cause of Leprosy smallpox, Ebola, etc Babalu Aye is known as the hand of Gods justice! onto mankind.
Ritualistic use: Cleansings and healing rituals