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Description: 2 oz of Fresh leaves.


Our Patchouli is grown here locally in Naples Florida, The more commonly sold version is the roots of Patchouli which contain a large amount of the essential oils, but the leaves as well contain essential oils.

Patchouli:  an herb of power and manifestation, for materializing one's wishes.  Its job is to make things happen, to bring results "down to earth" quickly and powerfully.  Used for lust or sensuality rather than love.  It has no conscience of it's own so combine carefully with other herbs.  Often added to money formulas.

The covens of old, use Patchouli to enhance home made antiseptics, and make fragrances. In the purpose of attracting a lover or a better outcome in a situation at hand patchouli is in the mind of the conjurer.

Adding patchouli, Clover,Bay rum, Allspice, will produce one amazing fragrance, you can tweak it to your liking remember that these spices and herbs are Diva's by birth right. Adding a less potent herbs will produce low quality fragrance of that herb. yet using some other herbs and barks will add to the infusion of the magic, sometimes  certain herbs (or oils) act as a catalyst to other herbs.  They provide the "BOOM" that power up the formula.  

There are egguns that enjoy it's use, added to there shires, Orisa that enjoy this herb very much' the Casanova of the Orisa' Shango.

Adding some of the patchouli roots toward his talismans