• $ 65.00

1/2 oz Essential Oil

4 oz Hydrosol

Herbal Bath Blend: carefully selected herbs which prepare the body to transmit and receive your desire for love, wellbeing, Success

The essential oil is a therapeutic perfume "All Natural" composed of Roses and Ylang Ylang. A special blend of herbal extracts is added to increase a harmonic balance. with Love, Connection and Attention. Once the Blend is composed it is presented to Oshun the Orisa known for Love and passion. Oshun is also known to create the bridge of union of two souls, this includes giving a child to a mother.

Please choose from the four options per gender*

Essential Oil ( Just the Essential oil) 

The Hydrosol (Hydrosol is the plants' water which contains the micro essence of oil and plant compounds)

The Trifecta ( You receive the essential oil 1/2 oz, A bottle of Hydrosol 4 oz Additional herbal cleanse bath) This last piece is an important part of the trifecta because not everyone is at the same starting point "Frequency" cleans the slate. 

Gender: Male version adds a masculine extract can't have men be to flowery

Each purchase comes with the instructions why and how to utilize the effects.

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