Herbal Consultations

  • $ 19.99

Things ar e betterThis service is a wonderful way to ensure better results when using herbs for magic conjurings or to get better results for healing.  Many times you may read about an herbs' ability to heal or magical use, but the mystery is in how to unlock the herb's potential or what is the herb's medicinal dosage. This service gets the guesswork out and gives clear instructions in achieving successful healing for harmony in a situation.

Herbal Consultation (40 minutes) 


What is a herbal consultation?


A herbal consultation is a time that is set aside to address your questions (phone call) in regards to preparing an herbal bath or making a tonic, potion or address questions of herbs used for an outcome with an eggun or Orisa.


What we offer:

The consultation gives you the knowledge you need to choose the best herbs,gum-resins, spices, and method or formality to achieve the goal.  We answer your specific questions the 4 prime baths, the 3 different formats of baths and how to prepare them, we evaluate your skill to the best method or route to take preparing the bath.  (* The video consultation ) gives us both the opportunity to visually make the bath or tonic together, and it's not limited to me introducing a sacred chant or invocations to infuse the product.  Through the video consultation, we get to visually see and guide you through the process until we are both satisfied with the final product. You can also use the time to learn the method of preparing a candle or incense.  When to use dried or fresh how to incorporate them into a candle if need be.


Our mission:

Our mission is to empower you and your success at bath creation.  To understand the real You! And the true nature of your abilities in self-healing, attraction, and the role you play in the cosmic drama the theatre we call living


Our time is valuable, We schedule a time for you and your needs If you need to reschedule this needs to be done at least one hour before your session.  If you fail to reschdule or are LATE by 15 Minutes your appointment is canceled and there is no refund.  Before each session besides time, we invest in spiritual preparations that consume resources.  Please have some appreciation for what we are offering, our time and resources toward your cause.  Thank you.