Healing Subscription

  • $ 19.95

Receive your preferred healing herbs on a Weekly biweekly Monthly supply

We know that healing can take a few doses to reach the equilibrium the body requires.  herbal healing is very similar to the intaking of prescription drugs, with a major difference.  You can discontinue the treatment once you have reached the desired state of health.  one treatment can give instant results but they soon disappear.  Your body needs to adjust to the state of health.  Many times I have asked myself "How does healthy Feel?  We are so conditioned to the daily effect of our symptoms we forget what healthy feels like.  This service is so each individual can reach that healthy state and then discontinue if they choose too. Chinese medicine main focus is prevention, not treatment. They understood it was an uphill battle to regain the state of "healthy".

Our focus is to do our part in assisting each customer reach that state of a healthy self.