Good Vibe Incense

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This incense is a custom blend revived for the needs of the many. This incense is a blend of herbs and spices. It is intended to clear negative vibrations in a room or location. One of the main ingredients was used in ancient times to cleanse the temple and shrines after special events or ceremonies. If it’s good enough for the Goddess then it’s perfect for you and I.

Seniro 1.

We all draw energy from one another.  At times a family member or a friend may show up with distress, in a bad mood or even with a dark entity. The person or even yourself can unintentionally leave a room or home with a strong negative energy that’s so strong that even sensitive people or children,animals and even Plants can pick up the distress and the distress just continues.  Sometimes an argument breaks in the house and you feel the heaviness of the air.  The environment just doesn't feel comfortable.  You may even want to be as far away from that room or even from your own home. This occurs because our inner being knows what is influencing us and our inner being knows the negative influence does not benefit us. Your inner being encourages you to leave because you may not have the ability to be protected from this negative influence.  As much as you want to stay away; it doesn't change the fact that this energy is there stuck. The energy requires a releasing. The only solution is clearing the energy out.

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Meditation-prayer or special conjuring when searching for answers from the divine.  It is wise to clean the room so our spiritual guides can communicate with us.  This incense enhances psychic ability. Allowing you to see or hear the message from your spiritual guide... like never before. Two of the other ingredients are known and were used for divination ceremonies at the temple of the Oracle of Delphi.

You will not find this incense in any store because it is a custom home (SantoProducts) Blend.  The ingredients are a coven secret.  Trust that we made this with the Love and Evolution “intention”. Using these herbs and spices that we grow here at SantoProducts! Insures quality control. This supervision let’s creating our products retain the vibrational frequency of Change using Pure harmony.



Use a active charcoal in a small tin or metal can.  Activate the charcoal and pour the incense over the charcoal.  Make sure it is burning the incense, Leave the room and enter after 8 minutes of burning. You will notice that the environments vibration has changed.

(Divination purposes) same process, but instead of leaving the room you remain in the room and inhale the air of the room and follow your meditation or prayer routine.

Please let us know your experience using our products. We would love to hear all the changes happening in your lives.  Our customer success stories inspire us to continue providing our services and products.

Namaste Roman@Santoproducts