Guayaba, Guava leaves available for sale in 2 onces

Guayaba Guava Leaves Psidium guajava: 2 oz Santo Products

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Guayaba, Guava Leaves
Fresh 2.0 Once
Fresh leaves on the stem Or dried
Naturally grown without any Chemicals or Pesticides.
Food Grade Resealable Bag
Vendor Santo Products
Shipping  USPS Priority, FedEx
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Learning Wisdom

 Medicinal Use
Decoction tea, Kills Bacteria, fungi including Candida, Viruses, Reliefs pain, lowers blood presure.  



 Esoteric Knowledge


Eleggua, Esu. Ibeji, Osain
It is a principal ingredient in the Omerio of Osha. Can be used to make amulets or Esu’s. The branches are used to make the Hook staff that adorn the shrines of Elegua, Ogun, Ochosi or other Orisha


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