Consultations Video meeting

  • $ 49.00

Now offering an interactive method assisting you in making baths, potions or a solution to achieve success.Things are better

How the process works: Once a purchase is made we schedule a 40-minute session via   Google Meets 

TIme is blocked just for you at the requested hour.  10AM-6PM Tues-Friday

The Do and Don'ts, Terms of Arrangements:

A professional attitude is required, We desire mutual respect toward each other. You can ask questions on herbs, or we can visually verify your process and guide you if you have missed a step. Bath making has may benefits, applications, and Processes.  Potions are on other levels of making, using Intentions, frequency, and physical and spiritual Energy can be challenging, we sometimes miss a step. This program ensures your purchase of herbs and potions, and services are capitalized to there maximum capabilities.

You need to be on time as scheduled, lateness is deducted from you sessions 40 minutes.  lateness over 15 minutes, the session is ended. there are no Refunds or reschedule.  We understand sometimes things happen, If you need to change the date a 24-hour notice is required in keeping your session.  

You are not allowed to record the session, nor share in on social media.  This is a one on one event.  If you wish a transcript we can provide one* additional $75 fees apply


Violation of the terms terminates the session with No Refund.