Congo Root Elixir: Santo Products

$ 6.99

3 fl oz bottle

When things just don't feel right.

This elixir is made with Petiveria alliacea using branches, leaves, and seeds of this plant to maximize the effects.

In the old world, it is used to destroy evil spirits or negative influences. This elixir also has many healing abilities as an antibacterial, antifungal agent. The downside is it has a strong odor of a strange garlic-plastic.

Using this elixir will make you feel better spiritually and physically. What do you have to lose but evil influence?

Available in consumable alcohol or 70% percent rubbing alcohol  

The differences.

The Consumable elixir is used against ingested witchcraft, those vile conjuring that was ingested innocently in foods or drinks designed to destroy the persons' health and internal organs. If this condition is left untreated for a prolonged time healing or recovery become very difficult or impossible. These vile potions contain ashes or fragments of human and animal bone. It's made this way so the vile spirit sits in your intestine causing trouble that the medical field can not find.

The Rubbing Alcohol is used for external problems, spirits that live on the human skin. or spirits that are parasitic to the human aura. These spirits cause un-treatable skin conditions, skin infections, feelings of things walking or crawling on your skin. The parasitic spirits feed off your aura energy, leaving the person tired and weak all the time when the victim should be fully charged with energy.

 Anamu congo Root

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