Chamba Liquor

$ 110.00 $ 150.00


Is a special Liquor made using hot peppers,gun powder, including special elements.  

This drink is consecrated at locations with high energy fields where spirits fester. It undergoes a 3 month process buried at meridians crossroads.  It also receives the blessing of the Kapok tree "Ceiba" ending its last stop on the Shrine of Ogun In Santeria, or Sarabanda in Palo Monte.

Chamba is used at initiations into Palo Monte. It rids the body of parasites or spiritual parasites that are consumed and create turmoil in the persons body. These parasites task is speeding illness.  Chamba cleans the body out, making an opportunity for the trance of the Nfumbe.

Limited Quantities

3 month fermentation process.