Black Baboo Cana Brava Negra: Santo Products

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Scientific: Phyllostachys nigra,

English: Black Bamboo

Spanish: Cana Brava Negra

Yoruba: Oko Iggisu Yenkeye Dundu

Odu: Odi-Cana

 The bamboo tree has been used for centuries in the far east, Asian region.  

This tree has many applications from medicinal or building material.

in the coven of Yoruba, this plant was blessed by the Orissa of disease and plagues Baba lu aye. The bamboo is his favorite resting place and he receives his offerings under the canopy of the Bamboo.  The Bamboo is not struck by lightning in storms because of the blessing Lu aye gave it.  The branches are used to make containers for magical ingredients that live inside of the Nganga or as containers for the Orissa’s and Orunmila. The tubes are a good location to store items.  The leaves are used to create a hair wash that nourishes the hair and gives it strength.