Bano Odi Meji

$ 13.99

odi-meji is the fourth cardinal point, North to be exact.  


We have taken  our unique approach in selecting specific plants and herbs to bring you this amazing flora bath. We carefully selected flora that are spiritually influential and combined them with herbs listed on the afro-cuban records that belong to Odi-meji. Those of the afro-cuban linage of santeria,Palo mayombe, and los espiritistas Mesa blanca,Sanse, have given their approvals.

The yoruba system acknowledges Odi-meji as the seal of creation. Its a manifestation of the energy of Action. Odi-meji gives its benefactor the ability to be seated and allow the outcome to arrive at their feet. This means, you don't have to physically do or add to an outcome, it simply comes to you.

Note” Activating Odi-meji influence means you do not insert your opinion, action or energy, onto the requested need or result.  What is required on  your part is the knowing with certainty, confidence and with expectation that the outcome is arriving at your feet. This is the promise of Odi-meji Read more here

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