Alamo Ficus Religiosa: Santo Products

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Alamo Leaves
Dried 1.3 Once
Fresh 2.0 Once
Naturally grown without any Chemicals or Pesticides.
Food Grade Resealable Bag
Vendor Santo Products
Shipping  USPS Priority, FedEx

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Learning Wisdom

 Medicinal Use
The Alamo has a history to treat the following conditions.Asthma, atrophy, cholera, dysentery, fever, gonorrhea, gravel, inflamed feet, otitis, pimples, rheumatism, skin disease, smallpox, sores, tooth pain, weak nerves, hair loss, vaginal infections, hemorrhoids.



Esoteric Knowledge


Shango,Odua, Eggun
Odu Eyioko-osa, Iwori-Ika, Odi-otura, Iroso-Osa y Osa-iroso, ika-Osa, Oshe-Osa
Names Lukumi Afoma, Ofa, Abaila, iggole ikiyenyo


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