Defines as a Center of boundless-boardless union

A sacred space where all can come and learn, experience the wisdom of the manifestations of God in all its nameless countless names.

Brahma, Vishnu, Krishna, Christ, Olodumare, Olorun, Laxmi, Sasvarti, Kali, Budha, Orunmila, Yemaya Oshun, The Goddess, Gaia and the last Consciousness "The Divine Man-Being".

The shrine is where people can come to learn about their true self.  We all believe we did not arrive with a manual of this body, of how to maneuver in Life, but we did.  It's our goal to spark the consciousness to remember once again. This temple discriminates against no form of Wisdom attached to the Gods.

This shrine is 30 acres of lush land divided into five acres each point to a cardinal point. This shrine will house books of knowledge, of the human manual, Great healing will be learned and practiced here. It will educate people in the arts of farming. of herbal medicine, or energy work. esoteric and astrological sciences.  Five acres of land is set apart to farm for personal commercial revenue use, each individuals crop will be divided into 3 parts, one personal, for commercial, one to share. The shrine will have a herbal supply all grown in our land. The commercial is for the temples revenue, The temple can be rented for ceremony or lectures, and retreats. The gardens are designed to heal the soul and mind it should include a quartz labyrinth that energies the walker.  Color therapy is one of the sciences, True Yoga class that explains the spiritual the union of body mind and spirit. All revenue is to support the shrine its staff and the acquisition of books, equipment.


Scholarships Grants

Children are our planet's Future. If one believes or not in reincarnation we must set the foundation blocks for our or the next generations.  scholarships grants fully paid will be issued to candidates who are not A students but those that need a helping hand. Through discipline, love, and partnership and community, we can grow these young minds to be the future.  In turn, they repay their blessings in sponsoring the next generation of the Temples next teachers, gurus. doctors, engineers. Our life is not about us but the legacy we leave behind. mine is the road for knowledge to flow freely. this being that i" call "me" is not going to live forever. am envisioning and stacking Block by block for the path of a future of inclusion