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Watch our Latest Videos we post, or you can join our Santo Products YouTube challenge to receive notifications on the latest videos.  Our Videos are collaborations with Our Purpose in Healing, Vibrational Healing, Plants and our journey of life experiences, The Best Teacher "Life"

We Teach basic magical uses of plants and Vibrational work.  Sometimes we share our thoughts about new holistic healing. We also explore new techniques using herbs or universal energies to move in the flow of life to obtain Alignment with ourselves and the cosmos.  

We desire for a healthy Earth healthy community as citizens of Gaia.  We are living in an ever-expanding time. This generation is witnessing new technologies the uncovering of many old traditions.  Come join us in growing expanding our souls' journey.  Namaste.  


 Our Latest Video: Palo Vencedor

Herbal Baths- Banos Espirituales

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