Affiliate Referral Program 2019

Things are betterJoin us in bringing a life change, a positive result to other people and make some cash. By helping us grow you as well grow with the Santo Products and our interests are met financially and spiritually.  All the while fulfilling your purpose (Helping People reach their Best).  Your referrals purchase quality products, they receive a personal 10% Discount which links to you only.  In return, we pay you 15% of the sale. their discount code is a one time use.  





Selected candidates:
You can have a custom blend of herbs, which only you know the blend.  You offer the client the ability to purchase their own order items at %10. Or they can purchase one of your blends or recommendations, which you can then prepare them a solution "Bath" "cleanse-Despojo" "Potion" etc Your blend or their choice is shipped to you directly. We set the cost of the package worth.  example $50 our cost, shipping not included, you charge them $100+. your client picks up your Blend or has it shipped to them Personally.
Its as if having your own Garden available to you as you need it.  Let us "Santo Products" do what we do Best and that is Grow.

Your benefit as an Affiliate
Any purchases for your personal needs or your business, you receive your %15 off your orders as a member this is available immediately after terms and conditions are signed and met.
Getting Paid
 After purchase funds from your client's order have cleared a deposit is sent to your Financial Institute. PayPal or Email/Phone number Bank transfer.  A monthly report is generated and emailed, so you can verify the performance of your codes profits, your sales.
Our desire is to Grow as any tree it comes a time the Tree most grow and become an ecosystem to its environment.  Join us in spreading our branches and sore into the limitless skies.  Roman Chief Executive.