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Road opener Hydrosol
12/10/2019 A customer wrote:
A couple of months ago, I closed what I figured would be my last deal with one of my mortgage partners. Her disposition didn't sit well with my clients, some even complained about her attitude. Since that time she had been wanting to meet with me but I wouldn't entertain it. After I returned from my trip, I had a gentle nudge to reach out to her and set up a lunch meeting so I listened. Before I left the house I added a little ylang-ylang to the wrist and when I arrived at the restaurant added a little road opener to my hands. :-) We sat down at 11 am and left at 2:40 pm, one long ass lunch! Lol...Well, towards the end of lunch she informed me that she was buying a house but had been working with another Realtor. She went on to say, she wanted a true buyer experience and would like for me to represent her in her new home purchase. I think my eyes were crossed and I was looking at her sideways because I couldn't believe it. Hahaha... My facial expressions usually tell it all. Lol...  She has NEVER given me ANY business EVER! I didn't say much, I just listened. I honestly thought she was bullshitting me so I didn't follow-up with her. She called last night, to say that they are ready to move forward with their purchase and reiterated that she wanted to use my services. Well, I'll be dammed!! I was tickled pink! Honey....the road to that one opened right up! Today, I sent them a congratulatory email and we are meeting on Saturday to view new homes. Who would have thought! 🤷‍♀️🙌💪 Between my orisha's and your magical hydrosol, there was a shift! 
Sending a BIG OLE hug from Texas!! Thank you... I just had to share that with you. 
Oh, by the way, I told my sister and she was like, b... I'm coming to get my dam hydrosol. Lmao... She was at my house when it arrived but she forgot to take it home. oopsie... Lol... 

Our Hydrosols 

We love what we do, what is that you ask? Aligning a person to the highest good. How we achieve this is by using our intentions and adding blessings into the process of each batch. We infuse the Hydrosols with High vibrations into each batch, our core intentions are that the user finds or aligns with the greatest good, The well being they seek.  A person shifts vibrations faster than the speed of light.  This is done through a person emotional state.  When you see something beautiful or remember a time of joy, your emotions begin to shift in a higher state keep this thought or experience for more than 17 seconds and other good thoughts and experiences bloom, the longer you stay in this your vibration begins to resonate with frequencies to match you. This means that if you are looking for employment, a lover etc you align to that it comes to you, you attract it. you may have to leave your home if that's where you are sometimes it knocks on your door, a phone call.  Now if you begin to think about the unwanted, the injustice in the world than your emotional state begins to drop, and then you attract more of that. A person then thinks Life is F Up! you attract more F up in your vibe. If you are in this state of mind and apply the Hydrosol it raises your vibe but it cancels out since it is your emotions that steer your vibe just as a boat sail catches the winds. what you are doing is closing the doors of your own success of the well being the creator has always intended for its creations. If you the creator of your Life! and you are. Focus on the well being that does excise in the world. Where the mind goes the body follows. this includes your health. more to come