Oshun's Birthday Sale 2019

Alafia,Shanti shanti, Shanti Om, Namaste

This year we are celebrating Oshuns birthday with an auspicious sale.  This year Oshun wish is to share her bounties with each one of you. Oshun is a giver of life, of well being, This year is a year of “Flow” of Abundance.  Oshun's desire is to transmit the message that Life can be sweet, that Life is full of abundance for all of the Creator’s creatures. Her message is that life is not only about receiving but giving.  

The mountains receive the rains of the year, these waters are purified through the course of downstream, these flows are the ever giving flow, we call rivers, rivers of life and sustenance. Always ensuring the continuous cycle of life

In her Honor

A Collection of products we offer are in limited quantities you may purchase what you need to but remember that there are others in need as well.  Each item will be “FREE” yes you read correctly. All you are responsible is the packaging and shipping charges. Santo Products team, Oshun, are honored to share and continue our contributions to the Greatest Good.

A patron button is available for any donations. These donations are used for the maintenance and expansion of the garden.  These gifts ensure we are able to maintain and add all the wonders you or someone else may need available in the near future.  Your donations are welcomed.

Thank you from Santo Products, Oshun Osainya.Maferefun Orisa! Ma-fe-re-fun!

Odu Marks:


Fun ida sisan kuro., Yale, ti ṣosẹ,ọpọlọpọ awọn o ṣeeṣe

(Give off the flow of Life. Firm, anchored, a lot of possibilities)


Each product is weighed in at 1 oz to ensure all of Oshun guests have an opportunity. Only purchase from this collection is discounted.  We have added as many as possible and available.  

 V.I.P Clients No need to Worry! You have our direct line. Oshuns got your Back..


Una colección de productos que ofrecemos está en cantidades limitadas, usted puede comprar lo que necesita también, pero recuerde que también hay otros que lo necesitan. Cada artículo será "GRATIS" si usted leyó correctamente. Todo lo que usted es responsable es los gastos de embalaje y envío. Es un honor para Oshun compartir y continuar nuestras contribuciones y esfuerzos para el mayor bien. Un botón Patrocinador Patrocinador está disponible para cualquier donación. Estas donaciones se utilizan para el mantenimiento y ampliación del jardín. Los actos de amabilidad de estas donaciones garantizan que podamos mantener y agregar todas las maravillas que usted o alguien más pueda necesitar en un futuro cercano. Sus donaciones son bienvenidas. Gracias de parte de Santo Products, Oshun Osainya.Maferefun Orisa! Ma-fe-re-diversión! Cada producto se pesa a 1 oz para garantizar que todos los huéspedes de Oshun tengan una oportunidad. Solo se descuenta la compra de esta colección. Hemos agregado tantos como sea posible y disponible