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Tulsi Basil The incomparable one"

2 Once bag  Fresh herb

This basil is considered Holy basil by many, because of its medicinal benefits for many conditions, Diabetes, High cholesterol, High blood Pressure Stress and Anxiety.Catarrhal inflammation of a mucous membrane,especially of the respiratory tract, that produces excessive secretions. 

Six trials reported on the effect of tulsi on individual features of metabolic syndrome []. Two studies reported significant improvement of blood pressure in hypertensive participants given 30 mL of fresh tulsi leaf juice once daily or 30 mL twice a day for 10 and 12 days, respectively [], with a further study reporting normalisation of blood pressure in hypotensive adult females []. Yet another study reported improvement in serum lipids with no difference in blood pressure in healthy adults administered 300 mg per day of tulsi leaf ethanolic extract for 4 weeks []. A further study reported improved lipid profiles in older adults (60–80 years) with psychosomatic symptoms after administration of 3 g of whole plant tulsi extract twice daily for 12 weeks []. A more recent study also reported improvement in lipid profiles, as well as BMI of obese participants administered 250 mg capsules of tulsi leaf extract twice daily for 8 weeks []. 


It’s the best solution for many ailments in ayurvedic medicine. I can understand why in the Hindu religion this is so revered. In Hindu its one of the Goddess Lakshmi  avatars.

Additional information PDF provided by Beverly Yates, ND

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