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Abre Camino


Eupatorium: Queen of the Meadow  [Bonesets]


The Plant is known as Abre Camino, Thoroughwort or Bonesets [Eupatorium villosum]

This is a highly regarded herb used in incantations for abundance and prosperity magic, allowing and encouraging these two principle energies to “Arrive” at open/receiving doors or paths.
The conjurer can also use this herb to open the doors to the spirit realm to receive assistance from his or her spiritual guides.  This herb also has medicinal value and properties.
Medicinal Uses:
Colds,  constipation, Coughs, Cystitis, Fluid retention, Gout, Headache, intermediate fever, Jaundice, Malaria, Muscle cramp, Nervousness, nighttime Urination, Pneumonia, sore throat, spasm, stuffy nose, Tumors, urinary stones, wounds. This is a citation to confirm its healing properties. ( )
Action, Medical Uses, and Dosage.—Queen of the meadow has diuretic, subastringent, stimulant, tonic, and antilithic properties. It has a specific action upon the renal tract, increasing both the fluid and solid constituents of the urine. As its influence upon the stomach is good, it may be used for a great length of time without ill results. While a fairly good remedy in some forms of dyspepsia, and chronic mucous diseases of the gastro-intestinal tract, its chief value lies in its efficiency in many disorders of the urino-genital passages.




Removing a person from?
You can use this incantation to remove a person from a court case, Jail, Tenant, Spouse Etc
Using fresh herb matter, you place the herb in a glass with a wide opening, pour a small amount of water to soak the herbs.  

The herbs should be underneath the waterline.  Then Pour a choice of oil, Almond, Coconut, Olive into the glass making sure the herbs are still within the waterline. Pour your choice of oil, the oil line needs to be ⅓ of volume in the glass.

Now for the wick.  Many years ago I was shown a neat trick by a woman from the Dominican Republic, how to make a lamp wick using an old wine bottle cork two toothpicks and a piece of cotton as the wick.  She told me back home we didn’t have access to purchase wicks, we had to create a substitute, I loved the idea since I could have a longer-lasting wick and it is easily replaceable. You could also purchase a wick kit at your local religious


Depending on your choice of spiritual guide you commune with if using this with Orisa, or Eggun. I would suggest it be lit at specific hours of the day. 4AM,6AM,12PM,3PM,4PM,6PM


The wick of your choice is placed on top of the oil, the wick will float on the oil.  The water at the bottom is required to maintain the glass from cracking and the liquid will become a Medicine Potion of sorts.

 As you light the lamp, your full concentration is required. You should turn off the phone, TV, radio, etc. You should perform this with another person with the same interest, you can perform it alone.   
You may pray or direct your intentions to your spiritual guide, citing that this lamp is an offering of Light to Open the path for (Your Intention)

Once the lamp is lit it does not get turned off. Once the oil of the lamp has finished the remains of the glass are carefully transported to the location of interest, the Courthouse, Employment, Door of the tenant.  
The remains are poured at the location site, not caring who is watching and say aloud. As the Light has extinguished to this wick, Your time has come to Pass! As the oil was consumed and burned, so was your Stay! “Now all that is left is’ Open doors, opens roads. All things shall Pass. So below, so above, so above so below. All things shall pass, All things shall pass, All things shall pass
This process too has certain hours of the day. It would be the opposite of the start time. Example if you burn it at 4 AM the opposite hour would be 10 PM, if 6 AM it would be 12 Noon, This is done to rotate the starting point of your conjuring because you are changing a given situation into a different outcome, this outcome desired is your doing.

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