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Gray Nickers Quita Maldicion

Posted by Daniel Roman on

Gray Nickers Quita Maldicio Caealpinia Crista This herb has medicinal uses as well as Magical.   This herb can be used to treat Acne, asthma, colic, congestion, convulsions, depurative, diarrhea, dropsy fever, gonorrhea, snakebites, Leprosy, malaria.Dried or Fresh   Medicinal: A tea is made from the leaves stems and root to prepare the medicine. You can also brew the same tea and apply it to the skin for at least seven days.  Herb baths are made as well to cleanse the body of skin disorders like Acne. Gray nicker lowers the population of Propionibacterium acnes (P. acnes), a bacterium commonly...

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