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This was a question I was asked by a young man incorporating himself in the Afro Cuban religion of Santeria. He felt there was a language barrier between himself and his godparents.  This is not so uncommon in the religion, since the new generations are speaking the current language of  American English, very little translations have occurred of our traditions and our customs are being lost, the saddest  part is out of fear of sharing or allowing others to have access to the information and the true meaning of the responsibility of caring for sacred space or objects known as "Orisa".

Recieving Orissa


Many new priests of Orisa are losing out on many of the fundamentals of the practice. Ignorance is not a reliable excuse or belief.
Receiving an Orissa means differently to each individual.
Some came for Power others for fame but the ones that came for healing are pillars of the power of the belief in Orisa. A select few were chosen to be the high priest of the faith.


( "A note of thought" )

How high up the latter can a priest of Orissa go? can a priest go beyond the reality of Orissa? beyond Ifa? Beyond Eggun? What is Beyond that! Horizon?


What is "receiving Orisa?                                                     






For me from my experience, it's taking a responsibility for a "Magic Charm" that is

a concentration of an energy force(name the Orissa), this same energy bestows its energy to its Worshipper. (What you put in' Must pour out) the invocation and procedures done to the "ota" done by the conjurer and participants, is a vibration of sound, feelings, stories of legends, its a transmission of times of long ago, of tradition, of hope, of a time of Chance and Possibilities, A journey that never ends! It's a vibration that crosses time. That's it's true energy. But once again. What you put in will pour out. The Ota is not the Orissa home, it is sacred space, it's vibration is not trapped in Ota but The Ota's are Attuned with energy force of what I said before.  This energy/tradition has shown the ability to cross waters, cross the event horizon.

Look past the horizon and get in the moment, breath the air. And notice that life is going on, it's doing its thing out there, everywhere, up there, down there, over there.

The flow of life.Continues


Later in my year's researching and learning My Orissa goes beyond the limitations of man's idea or concepts, constructs.

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