Gray Nickers Quita Maldicion

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Gray Nickers Quita Maldicio

Caealpinia Crista

This herb has medicinal uses as well as Magical.  

This herb can be used to treat Acne, asthma, colic, congestion, convulsions, depurative, diarrhea, dropsy fever, gonorrhea, snakebites, Leprosy, malaria.Dried or Fresh


A tea is made from the leaves stems and root to prepare the medicine. You can also brew the same tea and apply it to the skin for at least seven days.  Herb baths are made as well to cleanse the body of skin disorders like Acne. Gray nicker lowers the population of Propionibacterium acnes (P. acnes), a bacterium commonly found on the skin.

Magical Use:

This herb has many magical uses. I will start with the basic and continue to the more complex.
Gray nicker is excellent to remove negativity from the body. It has the ability to remove unwanted energy from the person using it as a spiritual bath simply one boils the stems and leaves allowing it to cool, fill the bathtub with water and soak. I would use this time to pray to the divine or your preference of spirit or deity.Asking to cleanse away the energy that is upon you.  A great spiritual bath I use is to combine, Gray nicker, Siam weed, Rue, road opener one garlic head. boil this for 20-30 minutes. Bottle it an old soda bottle works well. wrap the bottle in a white cotton cloth allow it to sit in the presence of a Saint or image of a guiding spirit. Burn two white candles making the prayer needed to the Divine. This bath is best to use over the weekend or when you can take time away from work or people. Being is solitude is absolute when cleansing the self. For baths, the herbs can be used Dried for best results

As a Talisman:

The Bean can be enchanted by an experienced Conjurer to protect the owner of the bean.  The bean has protective energy.  I use a branch at my door entrance to ward away bad influences. After a few days, I discard the branch to a remote location where I will not visit for a long time. Please understand that energy can not be destroyed.but changed. leaving negatively charged objects in public places allows the negative energy to attach to another person walking by it. If this same person is vibrating at its same frequency. It is best to discard in remote locations or in oceans or rivers where the energy can be cleansed by nature.


This herb is a principal herb in the Omerio of Orisa/Osha.  There are some convents which choose not to add it to the Omerio. but this is an error.  The fear is that the thorns will affect the Iyawo in his life.  The proper way to use the herb is to smash it in the Mortar or pestle.  Its extract is then added to the source omerio.  This herb is used to remove negative energy from a person this includes the newly born Iyawo. When a person commits to follow orisa his old lifestyle is to be removed and forgotten a new beginning starts.  The word Iyawo means Bride as a new bride to his or her Orisa he follows the rules and advise of the spouse.



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